Combining tickets

I have an interesting problem. I am going in Oct and scored FD. As part of the free dining I only added the 2 day park hopper. Here is my problem. In addition to the 2 day ticket I have a 1 day park hopper and a 5 day no park hopper ticket. Is there anyway of adding the 5 day ticket to the 2 day park hopper so I don’t have to pay for the hopper part twice?

Second question, the 5 day ticket is a few years old how do I add it to MDE?

Thanks as always for any help.

Is there a code on the back of the ticket to add to MDE? I thought the app also has a scan feature on smart phones?

I will check that. Just did the math. Using the tickets the way I am proposing will not work. I can add days to the park hopper for half the value of the 5 day ticket. Might have to rethink this.

You can’t actually combine tickets. The day you use the non Park Hopper you can’t park hop even though another ticket is attached with it.

This does make for the interesting question that if you tried to hop on the day the non hop goes through would it just pull from a different ticket and count as a different day sort of? I know you can’t do that on one ticket but you would actually have 2 different tickets attached.