Combining Magic bands

So because of airfare prices I now have one reservation booked at Pop Century from 11/23-11/24 in my name and a reservation from 11/24-12/2 at the Poly in my wife’s name. The reservation at Pop is room only while the one at the Poly has Dining, 8 day ticket and memory maker on it.

Instead of getting 8 magic bands is there a way to have Disney just put the “room key” feature onto our Poly magic bands? I’m sure I could probably just call them but that’ll create a fear of getting someone who is working their first day and screwing everything up.

Nothing is on your magic bands. They all access the information on your MDE account.

You will have the chance to decline the second set of bands via MDE, when customising the first set.

On the other hand, some people like choosing a different coloured band, or using a different nick-name on them, or just having a spare set.

If I decline the 2nd set will I get a key card or something similar to get into our room at the Pop?

Your first set will unlock your room.

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Even if both reservations are on different MDE accounts?

Are you the second person on the reservation?

Sorry, I have to ask: you are not planning on going into the parks on the 23rd are you?

Now, back to your original question: all magic bands link to your MDE account. I would keep two bands for person and a I always keep one set of back ups in my park bag. One day I was on Buzz and my magic band flew off. The CMs could not retrieve it. I was told to go to guest services and they would help. Unfortunately my next fast pass was starting in 5 minutes and since it was a show I did not have time to stand in line at guest services. I sat on a bench, logged onto MDE in my phone’s browser, reported the lost magic band as “lost” in my account, grabbed my back up band and walked to my fast pass. Always have a back up!


Assuming the same people are on both reservations, each set of magic bands will access both reservations.

You should all be listed on both reservations. If you link both reservation numbers to your profiles then everything works for both.

You are buying your tickets separately?

Presumption 1: you and your wife are “friends” on My Disney Experience.

Both sets of Magic bands will open the doors to both rooms.

Presumption 2: you have each created a persona for your kids within MDE.

You will need to call Disney in order to merge these two personas for each child so both magic bands will work for each.

Possibility 2a: One of you created a persona for each child, and the other linked it via the “friend” method.

I would still call Disney to verify, but, in this case, each kid’s magic bands should still have access to their own tickets.

Basically, since the kids don’t have their own MDE accounts, someone with superuser access needs to ensure that each kid exists in the system as one person, not two, linked to both parents and sets of bands.

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We both had created accounts and we each added the kids. My wife sent me an invitation to link to her account. The tickets are already paid for and were purchased as part of the package my wife bought.

The 23rd we won’t even be landing til around 8pm so we’ll just hang out at POP until 11am Saturday then go look at decorations at the GF and WL til our room at the Poly is ready then head to Disney Springs.

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I would call the MDE help line, to ensure that the computer identities for your kids on each of your accounts is reading internally as the same person - I suspect that you currently have carbon copies that look alike but aren’t the same.

I realize it will probably take 10-15 mins to get on the phone and do this, but it will save both worry and headache later on in case my guess on this one is right.

I’m thinking I’m not even going to bother doing anything. I’ll just use the 1st set to get on the magical express and open the doors at Pop and switch to the second set that’ll have the Poly reservation, tickets and ADR’s on it the next morning.

Can I make one suggestion? When you get to each resort, before you enter the room, have everyone scan their magic bands to unlock the door. Scan, see green, open and close door, next person . Make sure each band is set for each room. Of course if they continue the app unlocking the doors rollout this will not be an issue.