Combining ADRs

We will be a party of 8 traveling in August. I have been trying to get a reservation at Tony’s for dinner on Aug 25. Mainly because we plan to do MNSSHP. I’m guessing due to our party size I haven’t found anything hat isn’t super early. I was able to get two reservations for party’s of 4 at the same time on two different accounts. My question is would these be combinable somehow? Could we show up together and ask to be seated together or next to each other?

You can always asks. The answer will depend on the CM, the crowd, and mostly luck. Pushing three four-tops together, highly unlikely. Two four-tops next to each other, maybe.

yes, as long as you are willing to wait about 15 minutes you can. Be warned though, you might as well see if you can just sit close to eachother. whenever you have 6 or more people they tack on gratuity. i prefer tipping cash.

Thanks for the tip. Is this when more than 6 people order or based on party size? We will have two little ones. One of which won’t be eating and one who may or may not.

Its based on partt size. Not entrees ordered