Columbus Day week... gonna be bad!

So we (along with so many others) have fall break over Columbus Day week. We scheduled a trip to Disney. We are traveling from Hawaii, so this is a big deal. Now they are closing several attractions I wanted to see, and crowd levels are surely going to be increased beyond what TP predicts, and wait times I’m sure will be high bc they are likely slashing manpower (if they are going seasonal and cutting attractions, this only makes sense ?!?)…

We could have gone to Tokyo Disney for how much we are spending which is just stupid. The only thing that would bring us back to Disney will be Universal… Nintendo park yes please!

Maybe our trip will surpass expectations, but the issues with the app, the missing refund of a changed reservations, the hours already spent on the phone with tech help… I’m at the point where I just want the trip to be done so I can stop stressing!!!


This is making me pretty sad. I am sure your trip will be great, just don’t let negativity ruin it for you. Be happy, you’re going to Disney ! A lot of people can’t.

Have good touring plans ready and you’ll be fine. Yes they cut some stuff but there are still more things to do than you will be able to !

You will have a GREAT time !!! :smiley:


You will have a great time! Honestly, there are never enough hours in the day to see or do everything! Tell us all about your plans!


I agree with @jflafond. We’ll be there 10/6 -10/14, so I understand. This is a rare trip for us (our first), so we’re just gonna enjoy the heck out of what we can do. I hope these cuts will allow for more time to do other things.

I’m kinda bummed but still planning to have a blast and hope you guys do too.


I’m sure it will be fun. It just seems like a bummer after all this planning, Disney cuts to staffing and attractions right at the time we go… now it could be they do t cut staffing, but with this talk of “seasonal”, it makes me worried!!!

Our plans: 5 days at the world, plus a MNSSHP. We have already planned HS on the first day (half day likely). Highlights will be MK and AK Pandora. We haven’t even ever seen the new fantasyland, and we have a BOG lunch, so that will be amazing I’m sure.

I just have to get over the pre-Disney blah! My kids are starting to get excited finally lol. (They are older- 10, 14, 17, 17, and 22!!).

My game plan for while there is to focus on celebrating my dd22’s college grad, and my parents’ 51st wedding anniversary. And NOT to worry about the bills lol. :roll_eyes:. At least this year we don’t have to pay college tuition.

Thanks all- this was a LOT of cuts/changesfor one day. My dd10 is very into pirates so the cut of the pirate tutorial stings!! My ds17 is into Star Wars so I kind of feel like HS is a waste without even the fireworks. :woman_shrugging:t3:


The stage show is going but I didn’t hear the fireworks too?


I feel you. I added the conservation station attractions, dropped them, added them again because I felt like we’d miss it so now I’m disappointed to see them go.

We added a Star Wars Dessert Party for our one DHS day, so I hope we’ll get our character interaction and Star Wars wow there. I heard on WDWprep podcast that they’ve added seating now. We’re a big Star Wars family, have pins to trade with jawas and my MNSSHP costume is Leia. So, I really get it.

We’ve got a BOG lunch too. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m a huge Gene Kelly fan. He’s my favorite actor, so when I first started researching, I was so excited for that Singing umbrella and the Great Movie Ride only to find out they’d already closed.

I feel like the whole planning process has been an exercise in managing expectations for me. So I shouldn’t be surprised. Lol

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I hope not. We’ve got a dessert party booked no haven’t heard anything about fireworks being cancelled. Yet.


The SW fireworks are supposed to stay until it changes for the holiday fireworks; that’s Nov. 7th if I’m not mistaken.


Thanks- yes that’s what I’m reading about SW now too that the fireworks are still on. Thankfully! Sorry to spread misinformation.

It’s confusing to me bc the WDW calendar still shows the park closing at 8 but TP lists the Star Wars fireworks at 8:30.

I’m also surprised that there aren’t many parades- last time we were there all the parks had parades except for Epcot. No big deal (my kids do not like parades). I know that’s not a new change- new to me is all.


Conservation Station attractions are being closed?

Nevermind, I saw the other thread now. I am so annoyed by this. This was my #1 to do for AK because my son loves animals and I knew he’d enjoy the petting zoo. Argh.


which are the “several attractions” that are closing?