College Program

Just sending out a word to everyone in case you or someone you know and love might be interested in College Program

IIRC in times past it was quite a competitive process, and a lengthy one too. Unless I misunderstood.

Anyway I wanted to share that it seems like now might be a great time to apply for the program if you’re remotely interested. DD’s GF applied and was accepted so quickly I wondered if she was being honest. Like, within days. She heads down soon after the first of the year and has paid her deposit and everything.

DD can’t apply yet as you have to have some college credits amassed already. I think I’ll have her hold off til next fall just because she has plans for a trip to Italy in the late spring and who wants to live in FL in the summer anyway.

Anyway, check it out if you’re inclined:


It is a great time to do it if just getting the working for Disney experience is why you want to do it.

But none of the classes that used to be offered as part of it are being offered at this time. Also a lot DCP are still being scheduled 6 days a week. If you are ok with that then yes go for it!

Yes to fall being a better time to be here as well but just know that she won’t be coming home for Christmas if that is something that is a deal breaker :wink:


Yeah that has crossed my mind.

Christmas at WDW perhaps??? :smiley:


There ya go!!


Here. Here’s your countdown picture. :crazy_face: :christmas_tree:



You are very much committed to me having a WDW countdown!

I appreciate that :smiley:


How I wish I could go back in time and do this myself! Not sure my college-aged dd will be interested. Why can’t we live vicariously through our kids?


I say this all the time.

I didn’t know it was a thing back then. I’m the Disney trailblazer in my family of origin and my college years more or less predate the internet in its current form


I awent to a DCP session my college was hosting back in college over 25 years ago. Once they reviewed the housing costs and such I knew it would not be something I could do - I needed to make money in the summer to pay for college expenses. :frowning:


Just another DCP mom checking in to “ditto” what @ThorKat said. My baby boy Woody applied this time last year and was accepted with a start date of January 10th. Now he’s a full-time CM.

And yes, it’s awesome to live vicariously through a kid! LOL! :partying_face: :heart: :yellow_heart: :black_heart:

Now – not to impugn my son’s many delightful attributes – I don’t think the DCP is as selective as it used to be. Disney is still in dire need of cast members everywhere. That’s why many DCP participants are being scheduled for six days a week, many hours per day.

But – and this is a big but – make sure the applicant understands that it’s a job, and Disney isn’t there to make their stay magical. I see a lot of parents on the Facebook group who are genuinely shocked when their kids don’t get their dream job, or are scheduled to work when the parents are there for a vacation, or don’t get special treatment when they want a concession at work. It’s pointedly not a vacation.

(It’s also pretty hard to get those famous CM discounted rooms at the exact time and place that you want them, and the free tickets come with black-out dates on the block-out calendars. If it works out, great. If not, be prepared.)

I would’ve done it in college if I had known about it. And I think the DCP started when I was in college, but I sure as heck didn’t hear about it before I got busy locking down that husband of mine. (Girl on a mission, I was.)

Anyway, best of luck to anyone whose kid tries for it! I hope they enjoy it! And if your progeny makes it into the program, there’s a really good group of parents on Facebook with great information and a bunch of rules. Just sayin’. Happy to share whenever you’re ready!


Yes this!!! DD has had many CP kids come crying to her about having to work so much :rofl:


Do 2 year or technical colleges count? DD14 thought it would be fun to do DCP but she plans on attending a technical college.




Yes and I might need to check with DD but I think even her dual enrollment classes she took in high school counted. Pretty sure she applied before she enrolled after our move here because those counted.


Awesome, at least it isn’t a stop for her if she still chooses to apply by then.

DD was denied this time around because she would not have any college credits by the time the program started, which is a requirement. I think the guidelines say that dual enrollment does not count at this time (though it may have been different in the past).

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I think it has changed because she just looked it up and she applied with 15 credits from dual enrollment, maybe she just tricked them by being an older HS grad? She never found out if she got in because stupid Covid.

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The site says “currently enrolled” - anyone know if that is a requirement if still officially a student at the university? DS withdrew from classes this semester, but is still officially a student… might send him this way…

There is a note that if the student is “currently on a break” from schooling (not like a scheduled break but like DS) they are not eligible. See the second bullet point under the first bullet point

But don’t feel too bad for her since she is a CM now :wink: