Collecting VB ride reservations

I’d never seen this idea before so I thought I’d mention it here. It started with something said by the guy at the entrance to the Kraka-whatever ride.

It is based on the idea that you can only be virtually waiting on one ride at a time. BUT you can have more than one ride reservation. So, you rope-drop EA at VB and go first to the most popular ride. Ride it a few times until your given wait time is 10-15 minutes. Then go to the next most popular ride. If it says ride now, then do it until you get a time. Make sure your first ride says, “Ride Anytime”, before you get in a virtual line for the second ride. But you can ride anything that is “Ride Now” even if you are virtually ‘in line’ for something else. Repeat that with different rides so you have a collection of ride reservations. Go back to your favorite ride and ride it again and then tap into the virtual line again there. By that time, the wait time will probably be an obnoxious 60+ minute wait. BUT, you haven’t taken a break yet, or eaten and you still have ride reservations to use.

Another thing we noticed. It happens often when a family taps in at basically the same time, that some people get a wait time 5 minutes longer than others. We used to wait until everyone’s said “Ride Now”, but our last trip we learned that 5 minutes wait was basically treated as zero wait.

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I’m utterly confused by this. Maybe because we never needed to get in a virtual line.

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Can you explain this distinction? You mean you can have more than one ride reservation at a time? I thought you could only have one at a time.

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IME - You can have a TapuTapu / VLP (Virtual Line Pass) for one slide, but still go on other attractions if the other slides say “Ride Now”

When using VLP you can only have one “saved”. If you go to another line and get another VLP it will delete the previously held VLP.

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Well, you can only be waiting virtually in one line at a time. BUT, once you’ve waited the required time, that ride reservation changes to “Ride Anytime” and you can get in another line virtually. You have until the end of the day to use that reservation.

So, if you tap into ride A and get a wait time of say, a half-hour, and then you tap into ride B when it says that there will be a wait and when your ride A still has 15 minutes left to wait, then the ride A reservation disappears because you can only be waiting virtually in one line.

But, if you wait until your Ride A reservations says “Ride Anytime” to start your wait in Ride B, then the Ride A reservation stays there and can be used anytime that day.

There isn’t a limit on the number of ride reservations you can have.

Some background info. At VB, everyone gets a taputapu as they enter which is like a MagicBand only better since it is free for everyone and has a screen that tells you stuff. There are taputapu stations outside the entrance to every ride. These stations will either say “Ride Now” or tell you how long the wait is. If there is a wait, you tap your taputapu at that station and it puts you virtually in line. When the time is up, the taputapu screen will say the name of the ride and “Ride Anytime.” If the tapu station says “Ride Now” then you don’t need to use the tapu station, you can just get in line.
As you get in the line, there will be a manned station where you tap your taputapu. That keeps count of how many people are using the ride, and marks your ride reservation as used.


Only if the first one has wait time remaining.

Yes. This is true.

I guess I don’t see the need to “collect” them. I just grab one and then go “Ride Now” other attractions nearby until it’s time to slide.

If a lot of rides have waits, what good does it do me to stand / sit around collecting reservations until I binge them at the end of the day? (Maybe I’m not understanding the benefit)


I don’t get it either.

There wouldn’t be a benefit, if the wait times were somewhat consistent though the day. But, you first slide might have a 10-20 minute on your first go-round when you stop doing "Ride Now"s and walk to the next slide, and 60 minutes after you’ve looped through all the slides you are interested in and come back to it, and 150 minutes when you come back mid-day. So, by collecting them you’ve used a 10 minute wait during a 60 minute time period.


Thanks - I didn’t realize this was possible and it makes sense. I can totally see why it would make sense to collect reservations while enjoying Ride Anytime rides, rivers, and the wave pool.


So… If I’m understanding correctly…

Get VLP #1 with a 20 minute wait. Go do other “Ride Now” slides for 20 minutes.

Then, after 20 minutes, go to a different slide and get VLP #2 (Still not having used #1)

Go ride anything, not using your TapTu, so the VLPs don’t get used / deleted.

Continue collecting VLPs after each countdown window expires / opens.

Keep doing this until no rides are “Ride Now” or you’ve done everything you want to do and are ready to binge those VLPs


I guess I do see the logic now, but it feels like a lot of work / juggling - like when playing the FPP game at WDW. (Something that I do, but not the way others frantically do it all day)

Besides, for me, I like to RD water parks and stay until after lunch - maybe 1pm - 2pm. They are typically empty at opening and you can do everything like 2 - 3 hours - with a little “lazy river” time included!

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Yes, that is the basic idea. With a slight tweak, in that if you start with the most popular at the beginning of EA you can maybe get a ride or two in of it at RideNow before you get a wait time and move on to ride#2, and ride #2 might be Ride Now at first so you might get a ride or two in at Ride Now before you get a wait time, and maybe the same for the third.

I, too, like to leave at midday. But during our visit last week, the coaster, for example, had wait times that climbed fast. It was 40 minutes by official park open, 90 minutes an hour later, and a 150 minutes at lunch time. I’m not waiting 2.5 hours for a ride.


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