Cold item grocery delivery

Does bell services put cold items in a refrigerator? I thought they did, but our milk and yogurt felt room temperature to me…

They should do if the delivery guy/gal tells them there’s chilled stuff.

We’ve also had chilled and frozen food transferred between resorts without an issue.

Was the chilled stuff in a separate bag?

Last year, when we ordered through Garden Grocer, the cold items were put in the fridge by Bell Services, but when we ordered from Instacart, the cold items were NOT put in the fridge by Bell Services.

Even though Garden Grocer was more expensive, we ordered through them this year because I got the sense that Garden Grocer is better at coordinating deliveries to the WDW resorts. This year again, our Garden Grocer cold items were put in the fridge by Bell Services.

Are you talking about in your room or at Bell Services?

At Bell Services. When our Instacart items were brought to our room by Bell Services, they were warm. I asked and the Bell person said that none of the items had been put in the fridge at Bell Services.

OK. So seems like it’s down to the grocery company then to request that chilled stuff gets put into the fridges.

People need to complain to the companies that don’t do that.

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in my experiences at pop and pofq, yes, bell services refrigerated cold items. this included deliveries from garden grocer and amazon prime now. at pop, my items were brought to my room by bell services before i arrived and they took the time to put items into the room refrigerator. that was a great surprise!

They are supposed to- my pick up from Poly last time I had milk yogurt too. Stuff did not feel cold. I wondered if they just didn’t know we had stuff that needed to be cold.

I used Instacart for my stay at AoA. I picked my groceries up from bell services, and they had a bag of my cold items stored in their refrigerator. They almost forgot to give it to me, bc it was separated from the rest of my bags.

I agree with others, it’s probably up to the delivery driver to inform bell services of any need for refrigeration.

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