Coffee pot in room at Pop Century


Am I right in thinking that there aren't coffee pots in room at Pop Century? I bought a small coffee pot at Goodwill today for $3.99. We can program it the night before and have coffee ready when we wake in the morning. I am all about saving where I can and this will save us time and money. Pardon me while I pat myself on the back. wink


@dryw0713 You're right - there are no coffee pots or pods @ POP. Brilliant idea to bring your own - just remember to "hide" it for when mousekeeping clean your room - I heard they have been known to confiscate due to fire risk.


Thanks @EthicalAddict. I will be sure to unplug and put it away each morning before we leave. I certainly don't want to cause a fire. Even coffee's not worth that! We have a Keurig at home and I didn't want to take it so I went the Goodwill route and got a regular (but pretty nice) Mr. Coffee.


Great idea we never travel without our coffeepot. Never had a problem with mousekeeping removing the pot.


@dryw0713 Ohh I love our Keurig! How did I ever survive without it?!! I even have one at work thumbsup Ha! Have a wonderful trip!


Thanks guys. I love our Keurig too and also have one at work but it costs too much to risk it getting broken. We leave in 13 days. Can't wait!!!!


As an alternative possibility: I take Starbucks Via instant coffee packets and make my morning coffee in the room at Pop using the (freakin) hot tap water. I'm kind of addicted to Via now. smile