Coffee only breakfast at BOG?

Without discussing the ethics of “should I do this or not?” can anyone tell me if I would be permitted to make a reservation for breakfast at BOG and only order morning beverages (coffee, juice, hot chocolate if it’s cold, etc.)? The breakfast menu is far too expensive for food that none of my Hoodlums would eat.

I know folks have made dinner reservations and only had dessert, so I would think I can order as much (or as little) as I wish. But it would be a horrible surprise to arrive at the restaurant expecting to spend $, and then be compelled to spend $$$, especially if I am packing granola bars for in-park breakfast snackies.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on the “allowability” of it. We’ll debate the underhandedness of taking a breakfast table away from someone who wants to eat breakfast there another time.

This is a good question… I have no answer. But… I will confess ds and I had cupcakes for lunch at BOG when it first opened. I have an adr for breakfast in August and fully plan on ordering one meal for myself and ds5 knowing he won’t eat anything there. liners really do know best so we will see what everyone says. Personally I think I would feel guilty… I did a little for the cupcake lunch :grin:

I don’t see why you couldn’t do it and eat whatever you wanted to. Little or a lot. I don’t think they’ll forbid you to do it! But why would you want to eat where you don’t like the menu? I’d pick something you actually would want to eat! And ask to just be allowed in to look at the place if you’re curious.

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I believe that the drinks are included in the cost of the breakfast?

There is only 1 price for breakfast so a cup if coffee will cost $20 same as coffee and hot plate. Tills are not set up at breakfast for drinks only.

Probably because it isn’t about eating but about proximity to elsewhere. I am sure that if it becomes a thing that families show up and place one $20 placeholder meal, it will be met with an AYCE menu with a per head cost.

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Then what’s the point?

Ah, of course! Hadn’t thought of that! You’re quite right @Elaine5715!! That’s the next logical step if the trend continues! Hadn’t thought of that!

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How about ordering a small breakfast? A kids meal. No, coffee wouldn’t be the drink of the day, but it’s not monitored. You’d order juice or milk with the meal and then get your coffee when you’re inside. We had multiple drinks with our meals, since you serve yourself. And for what it’s worth, the $11.99 bacon and scrambled eggs kids meal was a nice light breakfast for DD12 and I. A $12 cup of coffee is better than a $20 cup :wink:

Oh gosh! Don’t I feel silly! I just noticed the date! Lol So, I need to know…how WAS that coffee???

We actually cancelled that reservation. I felt bad holding a table and ADR that could have been used by another family.