Cocoa Beach thoughts and recommendations

good morning liners!

Going to plan a day trip from WDW to cocoa beach, going on the Saturday of Labor day weekend. So i have some questions:

  1. is it really, really crowded or manageable given that we may just be there from say 10a-3pm?

  2. Which “beach” section should we go to? I am fine with not seeing Ron Jon or having tons of restaurants. I think it is more enjoyable to be at a calmer, relatively “quieter” area. Is Lori Wilson good to go?

  3. Anyone know the toll costs driving back on forth?

  4. Any other advice, recommendations, must-sees, must-eats?

I used this as my guide:


So we have been to Cocoa Beach not from Disney but from the Melbourne area. If you are going to Cape Canaveral try Grills. We had a nice dinner there on the deck over Spring Break and watched one of the DCL ships leave the port. My kids thought it was so cool.
We also like Long Doggers in Cocoa Beach.
The beach near the pier was crowded on a Thursday during Spring Break. There is a bar/restaurant at the end of the pier if I recall correctly.
When we go it’s usually just to the beach and pier and then to eat. Not sure about your other questions.

We were just north of the pier in mid-september and it was not crowded at all.

Our favorite restaurant was Jazzy’s. No frills but incredible seafood.

How can you go to Cocoa Beach without shopping at Ron John’s and the Surf Shark? It’s unheard of. :roll_eyes:

i know, i know. I still might go just to do it. but not necessarily a deal breaker if i can’t visit it.

We went to Lori Wilson Park last summer. It was enjoyable overall however we had to drive around a couple of times to get a parking spot and the bathrooms were horrendous. The actual beach was nice and they did have free parking once we found a spot so if we aren’t able to research a nicer one online we will go again but I am glad we know ahead of time what to expect as far as the facilities.

though I have not been to Cocoa Beach in many years now, I remember the water to be cold and the beaches to be rocky. This is the Atlantic. Now on the Gulf side the beaches are much better but they tend to be private and those that are public charge to park and fill up fast. :sunglasses:

I’m surprised by that, I found Cocoa Beach to be a pretty nice and sandy beach. Maybe different areas, I guess. When we were there in September the water was pretty warm.

But I know it’s true that Gulf beaches are nicer (when they are not buried under toxic algae LOL)

I ran across this toll calculator that may help with your toll question: