Club level rooms and direct DVC discount on VIP tours July thru September

Guests staying club level or direct contract DVC members can get 20% off VIP tours this summer. The promo runs July 17-September 28. Aug 31 & Sep 1 are blocked out.

Sep 5- regularly $450/hr with the promo it’s $360/hr :exploding_head: for context, tours can go up to $900/hour on holidays. 7 hour minimum.

You can also split with friends or strangers to make it cheaper. For instance, I’m doing a tour August 8. We have 7 people so far. If we get 3 more, it’s $308pp plus tip for 7 hours :exploding_head:

I or any of the other TAs on here can help you book and maximize the tour. Good chance to get a once in a lifetime experience for a lot less!


Still too rich for my blood, even with commission :rofl:

I think too that most Liners are savvy enough to be able to have most of the perks of VIP touring without paying that upcharge.


Just be mindful of splitting with strangers. Not always great, can go south quickly. My go-to tour guide has horror stories about tours gone sideways with a tour share!!!


Like that time I ended up walking gorilla falls during a tour and almost losing my mind? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: You definitely have to agree to styles and priorities before hand. It’s not for a spontaneous day of fun with friends in this situation lol

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Yeah I mean, I can use my liner skills to not need one, but for $300ish per person, it’s not much more than something like WAT, and it’s on some bucket lists, so I figured I’d let ppl know!

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I guess I can’t imagine that being a good time. It’s certainly a great idea for some. But for me personally I want to be able to zig when I planned to zag. And then there’s the forced time with a stranger (CM) that no matter how lovely they might be feels a little awkward to me.

$300/pp is a fabulous price though regardless.

Having done my one and only tour in December, I have to say this was not awkward at all. Our guide was fabulous, and it never felt weird to me to have him along. Of course I was with Liners and not my family members, but still. Not awkward and I think we all enjoyed our time chatting with him about all things Disney.


I am pretty sure I would love doing this, and absolutely love getting to talk to the CM all day and this is probably why it’s good that I’ll never actually do one since I’d want to do it again and again! (That said man I wish this deal was in place the end of June!)

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