Club level Polynesian stay with CL FPs and dine with Imagineer

Just checked out today after arriving Sunday. It was DS 21 and I. We stayed CL at the Polynesian in room 2518. I booked GV through MVT. Through TP room fax I asked for 1st or 3rd south non connecting room. At check in room offered was 1st floor connecting. Said we could have 2nd floor non connecting so we took. It was a lagoon view and we could see fireworks!

Room quiet except thumping above from excited kids returning at night. No issues with mouse keeping who we tipped daily. Room cleaned by noon and no room checks we saw.

Lounge food good and all CMs friendly and professional.

We had CL FPs for each day. They were worth it for us. We used regular FPs in morning and CL FPs in afternoon. I was able to get additional regular FPs after using initial 3 for FEA, TT and Soarin as examples.

Crowds manageable and more than 25 minute waits. Most people polite but too many kids riding scooters on adult laps, kids spraying people with misting bottles and kids spraying bubbles on people. Sad seeing families in lines on phones texting, watching videos or playing video games. Don’t walk and text either!

Last week snagged last minute Dine with an Imagineer reservation for today. It was great.

Today was 4 parks in one day. Tired feet. Over 67 miles these past 5 days.


Glad you had a great time! The view sounds awesome!

I’m wondering if families on the phones were the ones not paying attention to the kids spraying people with misting bottles or with bubbles? So sad. Driving kids on scooters is so dangerous; and against rental agreements, too.

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My ds21 said something nicely to a kid about 6-7 near FOP to please not blow bubbles on him. Grandma rudely says they won’t hurt you.


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Wow! How rude of the grandmother! Wonder where the kid got the bad manners from?!?! (Rhetorical question)


Reminds me of our flight back from WDW in 2017. People in front of us spilled apple juice all over our bags that were under the seat. Everything was sticky including my phone (which found out later had a broken speaker because of the liquid). The Mom says to me “it’s only apple juice”. No apology just a snarky “it’s only apple juice”.