Club Level Information & Photos Thread

Post your Club Level questions, tips and PHOTOS here! Club level roll call!


I’m really curious about why people choose to book club level. I know about the lounge and snacks but I just can’t seem to get over that additional $300 a night price tag. Tell me what I’m missing out on!

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Here is a Yacht Club Club Level room


Here is the Yacht Club Club… late night pretty much just before close.


@ThatDisneyGuy_outer1 - When we’ve stayed club level in the past, we’ve taken advantage of breakfast, snacks & desserts in the lounge. We don’t usually do a lot of table service meals when we stay club level.

We take advantage of a club level room discounts and perks. (The Sunrise Safari for AKL club level guests was a highlight of our trip :smiley:)

It’s definitely a nice extra layer of comfort and service.

Club level rooms can often be very comparable in price to other types of rooms. For example at the Poly, a garden view club room can cost less than a non-club theme park view room.


Club level standard rooms are usually around $100 more than the regular standard room in the same hotel. Like @MeetMeAtThePoly said - CL can actually be less than the theme park views. It really depends on what you want out of your stay. We are not big eaters and do not need a big breakfast - so we can easily use it to replace breakfast and maybe even dinner if you are around the hotel from 5 - 7 (light appetizers during this time). We came back on Monday from YC/Poly club split stay and did this quite a bit since we were taking midday breaks because of the heat. If you want a big breakfast and are going to be touring all day - you will not get much out of it for the extra cost. Unless of course you want to use them to book ADRs, etc for you - which probably most Liners have already done themselves :). I will probably book CL for summer trips since I know we will be in the room for our midday break. Cooler weather trips - probably not.
The rooms are exactly the same as the other rooms - nothing special there.


For a comparison - we like the YC offerings better than Poly (stay from 7/13 - 7/21), although I like the actual Poly lounge area better.

  1. YC has grits and oatmeal in the morning - Poly only oatmeal. I would pick YC simply for this since I love grits.
  2. YC always had To Go cups out for coffee, etc. Poly we were always having to ask - even in the mornings for coffee when you are trying to get a quick cup to take on the bus/ferry.
  3. YC had sugar cubes for coffee, Poly sugar packets.
  4. YC always had peanut butter/jelly out from 5 - 7 to make a sandwich for kids. Poly served PB&J Uncrustables one evening only.
  5. YC had bigger plates put out for appetizers. At Poly had to get multiple plates so sauces did not run into food in case you don’t like your food to touch :).
    6.  YC area to get food a little more open than Poly area.
  6. I think all are fazing out water bottles - I am not sure about YC but Poly definitely did not have any water bottles. They would fill up your existing bottle for you if you asked DH said YC actually gave a woman a bottle of Evian, but not sure if they were doing this for everyone.

Nothing to get upset about - all of them are very minor, but they were just the differences that we noticed. It just seemed like Poly was a little stingier than YC - DH actually though that Poly was a less expensive resort than YC.

But at YC - definitely ask for room close to elevator or you may be at the end of a very very very long hallway (standard view club level).

Also stayed at CR club in March - DH liked this one the best out of all. Also rooms very close to lounge.


Interesting info. I do want to stay club level one day. Just haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Thanks for sharing.

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What a fun topic!! Because I got attached to the Poly, that’s where we’ve spent most of our nights on-site. I have also stayed at AKL…but only one night, just to check it out. Transportation is critical for me. I will see if I have pix of Poly & AKL lounges.

Poly CL:

  • Amazing Desk CM’s. A bit standoffish at check in (and I’ve yet to get a ride in the golf cart to check in, only out, tho the Manager himself carries our bags in) but have always had room requests met. Once they let me just pick my room. If I ever forget something, they’ll run to the GCH and get it. When I, traveling w/o DH, wanted to surprise DD5 with a Cinderella dress before our Akershus ADR, they bought it, wrapped it beautifully, and hand delivered it to her at the restaurant door. Priceless.
  • Amazing CL CMs: They’ve always gone out of their way to accommodate any food or drink request, at any time. Hint: knock on the “magic green door” as @MeetMeAtThePoly calls it. Never had an issue finding to-go cups. In fact they poured me several glasses of wine in them to take the pool. :slight_smile:
  • Lounge Itself: Beautiful view of lagoon & castle. (now slightly marred by those #@# DVC bldgs.) Level 2 is the main room and can get crowded during bfast but I’ve always gotten a table. Small kids area w TV. Couches by the window. During Wishes, lights are dimmed, music is piped in, and one can feast on desserts as pictured in @HappyEeyore 's post with wine or cordials. Never had a problem getting a spot. You can also take your treats outside to watch! Level 3 is a small loft w bathrooms, couch, board games.
  • Hawaii Longhouse: ideal location close to GCH, marina & TTC. Note there are no balconies on floor 2. Buildings aren’t long so I always stay at the end furthest from the lounge for quiet and I’ve never heard a peep from another guest. A page turning wakes me up, so this means something. UG says Poly has poor soundproofing though, so ymmv. The #@$#% DVC monstrosities now block the view of the castle from most of the 1st floor. :angry: The quiet pool is right behind Hawaii and you can probably see it from most of the garden view rooms.

AKL CL (only stayed 1 night, so YMMV)

Desk CMs: Perfunctory. All business. Best CM was the one who met us downstairs and took us up the elevator to check in, made sure we had mimosas & apple juice. I felt on trial asking to cancel an ADR for dinner that night after DS got sick from Sanaa lunch. CM denied my room request was even in the system tho I and TA had called & faxed. They did find us a bunk bed room.

Lounge CMs: Super sweet, fun to talk to! All requests granted.

Lounge Itself: Overlooks lobby & the giant windows. Spacious. Great kids’ area w kid-friendly food table, couches, TV. I loved the African and Indian-inspired dishes. Good wines. Safari Amber: 'nuff said. Like Poly, was given plenty to take to the pool haha. Met a super friendly couple. Mimosas at breakfast!!! So fun!!

Note that hallways are very long. If I stay there again I’ll request to be close to lounge. I thought the hallways were noisy, rooms small, and soundproofing poor. I slept very little but the guaranteed savannah view from balcony was worth it.


Great comparison @belle04 I love Poly CL so much; if YC CL is even better I’m going to be on cloud 9 in Nov!


Thanks for your AKL review - unfortunately we are family of 5 so cannot get regular rooms at AKL or WL.
I figure in the summer YC or BC (whichever has bigger discount) hands down for the pool. Poly in other seasons for the awesome pretty dead on view of the castle - even with the new DVC bungalows blocking the view. After watching Wishes from the beach at the Poly - we will never watch from in the park again. We have also watched it from CR - but they look weird because you are off to the side and the fireworks are not behind the castle but way of to the side.
Hope you enjoy your stay!

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I think that’d be a great thread in itself @ThatDisneyGuy_outer1! If you read my reviews above you’ll see why my family enjoys it. Is it necessary? No. Does it make financial sense? Not really. But it makes our stay feel more magical & it’s very convenient. Even before our stay, the Itinerary Planning Office will make all ADRs. Need a hard-to-get-ADR after 180 days? They’ll note it and check daily. Cons: feeling like I have to be back each evening for the offerings & the higher cost which usually prohibits me from going more than once a year, and I only book if there’s a 30% RO discount.

How we do CL: quick lounge brekkie, drink caffeine while waiting for transportation. RD, lunch, back to lounge for snacks (and beverages :tropical_drink: ). Rest at resort. Back to park, usually hop back to lounge for evening service that sometimes leave us too full for dinner. If we don’t make it back for those, we try to make it back for desserts & more beverages (and Wishes if at Poly). Take water, another nightcap, & milk for kids back to room. Repeat each day. I try to schedule TS for lunch over other times. Meal costs are pretty low. Obviously I don’t do DDP.

Hope that sheds some light.


It did thanks. I didn’t know the price difference could be so low… seems like every time I’ve looked it’s a huge gap but that’s also usually at rack rates.



Wow. Great info everyone! Thanks!


Thanks for sharing everyone! We’ll be at Yacht Club CL in Nov.

We stayed CL at the Contemporary in Sept. I don’t have much info to share but we LOVED the view from the lounge. Our room was on the bay side but we were hardly in the room so didn’t care too much. The CM that checked us in said that we got the best of both worlds that way. I never thought to take any photos of the lounge but I do have one of the chocolate Mickey that we found in our room one evening.

The CMs were a huge help to us. For instance, we were stuck at the TTC because the monorail was down. I started to panic because we had an ADR at HDDMR. Our plan was to monorail back to CR and then take the boat to FW. It was clear that we weren’t going to make it on time. I called the IPO to see if we could maybe change to one of the later dinner times. Instead, she told me to take a taxi (Being new to WDW I had no idea that they even had taxis at the TTC). She offered to comp the price of our taxi trip so that we could get there on time. I decided not to have them comp the cost but the simple gesture won me over.


I would book CL again if I plan on enjoying the resort more than anything else, I really liked the Yacht Club CL and would book another stay there without thought.

As stated here… the CM love you get is unbelievable at WDW at Club Levels. We wanted Boma breakfast on our checkout date and I was having problems getting a reservation time late like I wanted. I asked the concierge and they got me the exact time I wanted without any hassle.

They always offered to give us water bottles to take out to the parks and said what beer/drinks do we need in our room all the time. Also, a CM overheard me saying how much I liked the Chicken Satay skewers and she brought me over a huge plate of them. My wife also wanted some Pinot Noir and they brought her 2 bottles.


I’m dying to try CL someday. We’re booked in a lagoon view at GF for our 10-year anniversary in Nov. and I’m secretly hoping for an upgrade to club! I know it’s a long shot, but a girl’s gotta dream!


I am trying something new. I am trying to post a photo of the view from my BC CL room.


I do not think I will ever stay at the BC again. This was a free upgrade. I love BC, I can just never top this.

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