Club Level Fast Pass question

Do I have to use up all 6 before grabbing more same day FP? Or can I book the rotating 4th FP after the “included” 3 are used up, even if I have the 3 paid for FP left later in the day?

I read a whole thread from a couple years ago about whether they can overlap times… but still unsure if I can book the same day fast passes after the initial 3, assuming the later 3 are the club level paid for fast passes.

No. The 4th can be booked after your first 3 even if you still have CL FPP booked for later. The times can’t overlap though, so if you have say 5-6-7pm CL FPP, you will only be able to book the 4th and subsequent FPPs before 5 or after 8.


To clarify @Wahoohokie‘s answer, for “first 3”, read “regular”.

You could have the regular ones and CL ones all mixed up through the day, or all the CL ones first.

The regular FPs behave like all other FPs. .Once you’ve used them all, you can book a 4th, then a 5th etc. They cannot overlap with any CL ones you still have left to use.


Once you use your regular FP, you can get a new one. It’s almost like the CLFP exist in a parallel world. They’re not supposed to overlap, and the CM will not book them that way, but I had to move my regular FP to overlap with a CLFP and nothing happened.

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Fabulous, thank you. So does everyone agree booking the 3 “regular” in the AM if possible is the best strategy? Any reason Im not thinking of to do it any other way?

Tiers would be the only other consideration. I try to book the regular ones in the morning, but because I also am pretty intentional about not crisscrossing the park, on occasion a tier issue will cause me to do an early club FP.


Definitely makes sense. Goal: regular fast passes early. Reality: some paid tier 1’s mixed in as needed.

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Yes, that’s what we did, too. For instance, at AK you want to do Navi and FOP back-to-back, that means using a CLFP. We still got the regular FP done early enough to get another, though, often for the evening when we switched to another park.