Club level at Portofino

Hey guys! I have a trip the second week in May and club level at Portofino popped up for $50 more per night compared to the pass holder rate I already reserved.

I’m having a hard time finding new info about food/drink offerings and timing for club level. Has anyone stayed recently that could provide insight? The parks are closing at 7p the nights I’m there so my timing is all out of whack!

Appreciate it!

The opening times are listed in the Club level amenities here, just in case you haven’t come across the list:

As for what is actually offered, I have no idea, you might be able to find some reviews on youtube. but I do recall the lounge was renovated quite recently?


We did breakfast and sweets. Sweets was grocery store cookies basically but breakfast was a nice spread I have pics I can dig up if you need. Let me know.

My mom did the wine and snacks but she didn’t take photos and she said the wine was cheap.


Thank you! I saw your pics from a previous post so that was helpful

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Breakfast is nice if you will stop in before the parks but I think the “value” is in if you are able to be there in the 5-7pm timeframe.