Club 33

I’ve been invited to dinner at Club 33. A friend has invited a group of us. I can’t believe I’m planning to decline, but I am. We would need plane tickets, park tickets, hotel, and the cost of the dinner. Under normal circumstances I would make it happen, but we’re saving for a big vacation next summer. It really is a choice between the two.
So I ask, anyone who has been to Club 33, what did you think?

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I have only been once, back in October of 2013 and it was amazing! I would absolutely do it again if I was able to. I already had a trip planned though, so the only addition was the meal. I would try to make it happen, but I might not not be the best one to ask as I spend way more money at Disney than I probably should. :smile: I have 3 Disney trips in the plans right now, 1 for WDW and 2 for DL, plus we are going to Costa Rica in 4.5 months. So yeah, I am probably not the one to listen to.
A wise man (my father) once told me: You can’t take it with you when you go, so enjoy it. He also told me: It’s only money, you will always make more if you are willing to work hard.


Of course it’s a fantastic, dream, once in a lifetime opportunity that you’d be crazy to let pass amiga. If you can make it work, please do so, I’m sure you won’t regret it. Ever.
But, as a person only just barely starting to climb out of a mountain of debt, I must remind you to please do so responsibly. It’s not worth it to get neck deep over what is essentially a dinner. You know your limits amiga!


I went once in 2012 and loved it and would definitely go again if given the opportunity, but we also were already going to be in CA that week so we didn’t plan a whole trip around it. We went through my aunt’s work and only had to pay for our lunch (which I believe was ~$80) and got 1 day PH tickets included, so it was actually cheaper for us to eat at Club 33 than it would’ve been to buy regular tickets. While I enjoyed it, I don’t think I could justify creating a trip just for that unless the money was available.

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Thanks, everyone, for your responses.

I was there for breakfast in 2012 and enjoyed the experience, but wouldn’t make a trip just to dine there. Since that time the Club has changed a bit, with the entrance changing and at least one the original rooms being removed (or at least completely remodeled), so a little of the historical appeal is gone for me, but I’d still go back if I had the opportunity. I just wouldn’t fly out just for that.

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If it was pre-remodel, I would say “go!”.

But post remodel? Eh. If you are there, then sure! But I wouldn’t make a special trip. It’s just not the same as it was pre-remodel.

Then again, I have acquired many new friends with access and it’s kind of “normal” to get to go now. So it’s no longer a bucket list item. I have no desire to eat there, but it’s fun to go to the Salon, grab some merchandise for friends, and go back to the parks.

I’d rather go to the Chefs Counter at Napa Rose.

But I fully admit I have some amazing Disney privilege, so I’m kinda spoiled. :wink: