Closing out MK on a party night

So we’re noobs and we didn’t know about MNSSHP when we bought our tickets. We’ll be at MK on two party days, when the park closes at 6pm to regular ticketholders. I’d appreciate any insight on what the you-should-leave-now procedure looks like.

I understand on a normal night, closing time doesn’t really mean CLOSED, since that’s when the fireworks begin. In an effort to get the most out of our touring day, is there anything we can leave until the last minute, just after 6pm? One last ride on the PeopleMover, a Dole Whip, souvenir shopping? We’re not trying to take advantage of party freebies, just maximize our full-price park day.

You can’t do “just after 6pm”. But you can do just before 6pm. Get in a traditionally long line 5:59pm. SDMT. SPACE, BTMRR etc

You also should be prepared for the cast members to insist (rather forcefully) that you leave once you are walking in the park after 6. In some areas the CMs will line up across a pathway to check that everyone has a party ticket. Many non party goers have felt that this is not a great way to end a day.

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In additional to what @PrincipalTinker mentioned, you likely won’t be allowed to souvenir shop or buy a Dole Whip after 6:00 pm. They want non-party people out, and if you don’t have a party ticket, aside from the restrooms, you really won’t be allowed in anywhere. Even the shops.

The best you can do is be in line BEFORE 6:00 pm hits. But it doesn’t gain you MUCH to do so.

We were there in 2016 on a MNSSHP day with no desire to be part of the party. We were in line for something when the 6:00 time hit. We got off our ride, and basically couldn’t do anything other than leave. I mean, sure, you could hang on and look at people, I suppose…but I’m not sure how long before the CMs will start hunting you down…err, I mean, directing you to leave. :slight_smile:

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Another option is an ADR just before 6. We did CRT last December on a MVMCP night which was a fun end to our day, and we took our time and enjoyed it as we were in no hurry to do anything else. They gave us special bracelets to wear on our way out (I guess to designate we were not party guests but were legitimately there?) which kind of annoyed me at the time and we didn’t wear them, but we did just meander our way out around 8 pm. By that time the clear-the-crowd push seemed to be over and no one bothered us.

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You can actually get an ADR after 6:00, though like others have said you can’t do anything after 6:00 so really you just have to head there to check in at 6:00. We just had a 6:15 ADR at Skipper Canteen on a party night. Checked in at 6:00 and they asked if we were attending the party or not. At the end of the meal we were asked to wear special bright orange wristbands out “so we would be allowed to exit the park.” This really mean they were making us super obvious to spot by the CMs. We’d parked the stroller a bit away from the restaurant which meant back tracking further into the park to get it after leaving dinner and we’re stopped almost immediately - they have people out everywhere.

Luckily, because of the early close, crowds are usually real low those days and you can get a lot done by 6. Last September we accidentally went after swimming on a party night. We got the about 4:30 and rode 6 or 7 rides before we left. And we were out before 6 so never saw them herding guests out like cattle.

Really, the shops won’t even take my money after 6:00? That really is a horrible way to end the day. Glad I asked!

Yes, they stopped us to check our bands right after 6 for MNSSHP as we tried to head towards PoC. There were several CMs across the path.

I was able to buy a pair of ears from a cart right near the exit. I asked if I was allowed to and the man said, “We’ll take your money!”. There were CMs at the doors to all the store though so I figured it wasn’t worth trying there!

We did this a few years ago and loved the low crowds for the day. We got in line to see Mickey around 5:45 and we had an extra long wait because he had to change into his Halloween costume. We got some fun pictures! It was 6:15 when we finished up. We had promised our kids they could get a treat from the confectionary before we left. We were not allowed to go in and make a purchase - cue 4 crying and upset kids! Not a fun way to end our trip.