Closing at 4:30 Nov 16th?

I am planning FAR in the future but noticed that the day that I plan to be in Magic Kingdom, the park is scheduled to close at 4:30. Does anyone know why this is? I am trying to avoid the Mickey Very Merry Christmas extra cost and the Thanksgiving day crowd. Should I just wait to see if it changes or try to change my plans?


On occasion private companies will rent out the park. In those cases the times rarely change.

The hours are not out for November yet, so that 4:30pm closing listed on this site is not set in stone. It did close at 4:30 pm last year, on Thursday November 17th for a private party. There was also a private party on Tuesday night of the same week at HS in 2015 (park closed at 4). So expect one night that week that one park will close at 4 or 4:30. I would wait to make your plans, although it would probably be a very low crowd day in MK, anyone without a park hopper would probably avoid that park.

This occurred in 2016 also, we were there and the crowds at MK were so SO low! (When we left for FW and MBYBBQ there were “honorees” all dressed up entering the park.) It was our last park day so we spent the morning at DHS bc it was my kids’ favorite park, but once we saw how low the crowds were I kinda wished we had been at MK all day. Plan MK that day for sure!

hmmm…Thanks. I will wait for the final schedule. I think it comes out 6 months ahead of time.