Closest bus stop to International Gateway

If I’m trying to get into Epcot via International Gateway, what’s the best bus stop to use?

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I haven’t actually measured but I’m sure someone has. We stayed at BW but also went to BC. I think a room on the end at BC is close of course, but BW bus stop is closer than BC bus stop. Splitting hairs though, both are close. If going by bus, go on the first one.

Where are you coming from? I think arriving at the BC feels closer since you just walk through the lobby to the pathway. At BW you have to go further to get to the walkway.

I would just get on whichever Boardwalk resort bus comes first (Boardwalk, Beach Club, Swan/Dolphin). I would rather walk an extra five minutes than potentially wait another 15 minutes for the “right” bus, and all those resorts are really close to the International Gateway anyway - and the walk is scenic and pleasant. :slight_smile: