CL Yacht Club

We are staying club level for first time at Yacht Club in a few weeks. It’s me, DH, DS (11) and DS friend (11). Has anyone stayed recently club level there? How was evening appetizers and breakfast? Any advice? Thank you!

Breakfast was nice…usually some egg dish and classic continental style fare. They will bring you a mimosa (or just plain champagne!) upon request.

Mid-day was cookies and chips.

Dinner was delightful. We cancelled dinner plans in favor of eating at the Regatta Club. Plus, more champagne.

You will utterly enjoy your stay there!!

When I stayed YC CL I too had eggs or pancakes in the morning but I was told they stopped this in favor of the oatmeal/bagel selections you find at AKL/Poly/WL. Have the eggs returned?

They had an egg type dish every morning we were there last month. I just don’t remember what it was.

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Thank you! Now I’m even more excited!

One more question… did you do the online check in. We have always just gone to the club level lounge to check in in the past… any advice?