CL - Ouch

When we booked our vacation the Crowd Calendar had our week at CL ranging from 4-6. Latest update has us at 8 most days.

I’m glad I made all ADR’s and FFP+. We have TP for each day so I’m sure we will be fine. Just disappointed it will be so much more crowded than we had hoped and planned for when we booked our vacation last June.

A good touring plan matters far more than the CL.


If it helps, when my CLs change, I like to think of it as just having more information. Those crowds were always going to be there, the crowd levels were always going to be what that are. It is just harder for TP to predict further out. Now you have better data which means a better chance at a TP that will run accurately.

And as stated above a good TP trumps CL every day. I would never willingly going on a CL 10 but did this past trip and still never waited more than 25 minutes - and that only happened because the group went rogue.


yea. all my days went up by 2 points. 2 days my selected park went up by 2 and 2 days my selected park went down by 2. I used to freak out and not thrilled crowds are increasing, but as everyone says…armed with a good plan, you got this

Thank you everyone. My first time using a TP and I was freaking out a little. I’m not mad or blaming Touring Plans at all. So happy they are updating and now I can be more prepared for what the Crowds will be like. Just a little last minute shock when we are 4 days out.

No more panic attacks…we will stick to our TP and just enjoy!


The touring plan you have in place is 5 times more important than the crowd level. Read it here:

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Just got back from spring break in the World. It was VERY crowded the whole time, but our touring plans had us ahead of the crowd most of the time.

Was just about to chime in with the same — we were there March 22-25, CLs of 8 and 9, and we waited for NOTHING longer than 15 minutes. I had a really good touring plan (and one that I could and did rip up when faced with the crowds!), and it was an extremely successful trip. Do your research here and you’ll be fine no matter the CL.