CL confusion in Feb!

When I checked Lines App for Feb 10 & 11 2018, it said CL were 5/10 and 3/10. BUT on UndercoverTourist, it says 6/10 becuz of Mardi Gras. I’ve already booked a hotel. Now I worry it’s going to be more crowded than we like (wheelchair user). Please help!

"Mardi Gras every Night From Feb. 3–Apr. 7, 2018"​


Hi! I don’t have actual park crowd experience since our 1st trip is this February but we’ve been to Disney several times and I’m assuming the crowd flow is a lot like there. Saturdays were always busier due to locals visiting but if you take a look at the TP historical crowd data for your trip time last year, it looks like 5/10 and 3/10. The crowd calendar from Orlando Informer also has “slow” for your trip days.
Though we don’t need to plan as much as a Disney trip, I’m still planning on having a TP for our 1st week of February trip. Even though it’s a slow time, I’m expecting there are some rides that will have some wait during certain times of the day. And assuming it’s like Disney, if you get there early you’ll have a lot more elbow room. Parks are always more crowded in the afternoon so that’s a good time to go back to the hotel and rest or do some of the other non-headliner attractions. And since you mentioned a wheelchair, a good TP can help you stay ahead of the crowds and have some space. I’m basing this on our Disney trips but we were always steps ahead of the crowds when using a TP. We were walking around a deserted Frontierland early in the morning!
Which hotel are you staying at? Will you have Express?
Sorry I can’t give you first hand experience with the park crowds but I think the weekend you chose is good. Compare it to the next weekend and you’ll feel good about your dates;)

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I love Undercover Tourist, but I’d put more stock in what TP has to say as I trust their large store of data. However, keep in mind that crowd levels are just estimates no matter who is doing it. Even if it is more crowded than you expect, if you follow the TP principles (arrive at open, use a plan, etc.), you should still be able to have a wonderful experience!


Thanks, bg, that is reassuring. I will take your advice.

I’m sorry, Just the three of us, I thought I answered you already. Might have been the day my phone was messing up. :blush:
Thank you for your insights. We will definitely be there at early opening, because we are staying at Cabana Bay for two nights. We don’t get EP, because we have AP, & also, unfortunately, we have to use the handicapped access. I would much rather be able to walk through it and enjoy the pre shows (and be pain-free, of course)! But it is what it is.
I agree, we don’t want to be there the following weekend. Thanks so much for your help.

PS. We are just three in our little family too. :slight_smile: