CL at Poly

I’ve looked through old posts but haven’t seen a lot of recent regarding Poly club level. DH told me keep things relatively cheap and we can go for a long trip in Feb. I did this and now he read about CL and wants to give it a try. sigh lol. While we tend to always go all out I just don’t see much to club level. Breakfast would be good, but we order items from amazon to snack on while getting ready for RD at parks and then usually have a early lunch at parks when things are getting crowded. Evening foods aren’t going to appeal to my kids (8,5) much. I’ve also heard that the Poly is getting stingy with things.
I’ve heard people say that the concierge aspect is what is great, that they grant requests, but what kind of requests? This adds about $900 to our stay. I’m thinking I’d rather toss a couple of dessert parties to our trip versus this…

If you try searching Polynesian Club Level Review on Google it should bring up a few blogger reviews that would give you an idea what to expect. There are also some on You Tube.

I think Poly Club level is about the opposite of keeping things “cheap”. I wouldn’t be paying $900 for breakfast and a few snacks. I’ve stayed plenty of “club levels” at other hotels in my travels. To me, it’s a perk for frequent business travelers and worth at most about $10-$20/per person per day.

I was looking for recent liner experiences, I’ve done the Google and youtube route already :slight_smile:

Yeah, when we travel we get the club level type perks for airlines/airports and hotels and I think he thinks it will be even better since it’s Disney. I would love to jump on it, but just not sure. That’s almost a firework dessert party for each park!

The types of requests I’ve heard of being granted are things like help with dining reservations or fastpass+. I don’t have any firsthand experience though. I semi-seriously considered it for our fall trip, but it was a $1,500 upgrade and that just feels like too much to be worth it for us. (Plus if I got club level then I would want the club level FP+ which is another $50/d/pp x at least 3 days…)

I’m staying there CL in November. DH wanted to
Go all out for our first trip. Drinks and snacks were appealing but Extra FP even more since we are trying to not stand in lots of long lines with our DD almost 2. So we are going to get those.