Citywalk partially re-opening May 11?

There is talk that Universal’s Citywalk will be partially re-opening on May 11:

If true, I wonder how long before Disney Springs does the same. Of course, one significant difference between the two is that Citywalk is almost entirely restaurants. Disney Springs has more shopping, so for DS to re-open, it might need to just be eateries at first as well.

Which leads me to wonder…how popular are both of these destinations (CW and DS) for JUST eating purposes among locals?

DS is hugely popular for locals to just pop in and dine!

I love CityWalk at night. It does have a lot of outdoor bars and kiosks (wow- really strong drinks).


I’ve heard numerous reports from people saying Margaritaville and possibly Hard Rock are preparing for re-opening on May 11 but I think that might be the earliest date to reopen, so “be read” and/or a return for employees not a reopening date.

Last year we had Universal Stuios, Islands of Adventure and volcano Bay passes so we would frequently dine at CityWalk because the restaurants were far superior to the ones inside the parks. And they were minutes walk away. We very rarely would just go to City Walk to go to CityWalk