Citywalk Dining Question

We are spending 3 days at Universal at the end of our big 25th anniversary trip. We plan to mostly eat in the park but wanted to have one dinner at citywalk. We are really foodies but enjoy good food. We have a reservation at Toothsome on our last evening. However, I’ve been seeing comments etc that Toothsome isn’t as good as it used to be in both food and service. Since we have time I thought I would ask you wonderful people about it. The following are the restaurants we are considering - keep in mind we are looking at the less than $25 per entree options on the menu.

Red oven Pizza Bakery
Vivo Italian Kitchen

or stick with Toothsome

What is your advice?

We went in 2018. It was A.Mazing all round.
I hope it hasn’t gone downhill since then. We are looking forward to visiting again.

I haven’t been to the others, but Bigfire looks fab!

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Toothsome is on par with a Cheesecake Factory. It’s not bad at all, but just OK. It’s worth stopping for a milkshake.

Of those three, I’d tell you to go to BigFire and pop by Toothsome’s for a to-go shake for dessert.

Personally, I like Cowfish for my burgers

I like this guy on YT for his Universal food takes. (He tends to be kinda complimentary on most things, but goes in detail)


I have been to Toothsome’s a few times. I thought it was great my first visit but I have never had that same level of food/experience in the last few years.

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I often wonder if I am easily pleased.
I’ve been to a cheesecake factory in San Francisco and LOVED it!!

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Toothsome is more atmosphere than food quality, not saying it’s bad. It’s higher quality than the Landry’s themed restaurants (T-Rex & Rainforest) but you are there for the characters, atmosphere, and menu size first and foremost. If you end up at Toothsome I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Bigfire is easily the best meal in CityWalk if you enjoy what’s on the menu. Vivo and Antojitos are a close second for me. Red Oven is great but it’s a counter service pizza place.


IMHO - They tend to be hit or miss. Their menu is so massive that they can’t consistently prepare everything well. At the same table, one person may get an amazing burger and a “meh” pasta dish.


Thanks everyone!! I have canceled Toothsome and reserved Bigfire based on your comments/advice. I’m generally not a fan of the Cheesecake Factory (if you are going to name yourself after a yummy dessert, that dessert should be really, really good imho). I have had a nice meal there but usually come away disappointed.

Thanks for the help!


:scream::scream: But it is!!!
This just confirms I’m easily pleased :rofl:

Hope you enjoy Bigfire. It does look fab!!

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I would like to put in my recommendation. Margaritaville . food is good but the Volcano appetizer is the bomb. Will feed 6 to 12 people and I tried to eat it all myself… :roll_eyes:


Pro-Tip: Get dessert at an off time from the bar upstairs. :wink:

We had absolutely dreadful service at Toothsome in Aug 2019 and it has put me off ever going back. The food was fine, nothing special, but 2 of the meals weren’t actually what was ordered.

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We went to the one near universal, the meals were ok, not amazing, but the cheesecake is so good I would go just for that.

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We really liked Margaritaville.

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yep, and I walked out with 6 t-shirts I just had to buy :star_struck:

I think opposite of others on Toothsome. The Ice Cream in the shakes is generic grocery store quality. But the presentation and the add-ins stuff is awesome. But for ~$15 for a shake, the ice cream should be awesome too. We always enjoyed our food there.

We ended up walking out of BigFire and eating at our resort. After waiting for an hour when we’d had reservations, the waitress informed us that they couldn’t make about 1/4 of the menu. The things they couldn’t make included the appetizer and both things DD and I were each going to get.

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