Hi Everyone! I’ve been to WDW three times, but we are interested in possibly trying Disneyland next. I’ve been trying to do some research and plan a little to get an idea on what kind of budget we are going to need for the trip. what is the best way to purchase tickets for DL? I’ve read a little about the S. California CityPass. Is that a good deal? How far away is Sea World and Universal? Thanks for any help you can give me!

Also, I read that the San Diego Zoo and Legoland can be “add-on’s” to the CityPass, but I can’t find anywhere how much it costs to add these on? anyone know that?

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Hi! Mousesavers has info on City Pass. Sea World is about 90 or so miles south, USH is about 40 miles. You’d need to deal with So Cal traffic which can be a pain. @Nana’s taken Gray Line bus to USH, I’m sure she’ll chime in. You might want to post to DL chat as more of us are over there vs forum.

Nana’s also purchased tickets from ares travel. Staying on property’s rather expensive but if you can swing it, do it. There’re a number of Good Neighbor hotels(my go to is Howard Johnsons)


I was just on the Citypass website and it looks like they are replacing Universal with Lego Land effective June 3rd.