Cirque du Soleil - Drawn to Life

I’ll be at WDW in February for a quick pre-cruise trip. I’m planning to see Drawn to Life. Any intel on when I should buy a ticket?


I noticed they tend to have a price drop a couple months out…but the savings isn’t substantial. I think if I had waited to book our March tickets for the four of us, I could have saved about $40 total.

We got the second lowest tier tickets, and the view was perfectly acceptable. Straight on may have been best, but totally not necessary nor worth the added cost to us. I was glad I didn’t pay for better seats…but also glad we didn’t get the cheapest seats.


Did you enjoy the show? I’ve never seen it and have been toying with adding it into our July plan as an indoor-escape-the-heat to do"!

Yes. It was really quite good. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it exceeded my expectations in many ways, and surprised me in others. I wasn’t expecting such an (excuse the pun) artsiness to it. I definitely recommend it.

Welp…it looks like the show doesn’t run during the days we are there. Takes care of that question!

Thank you for your feedback! I’ll look to do it another time!

Looks like you can’t book more than eight months in advance.

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