Cinematic Celebration Viewing

I’m sure it’s here somewhere, but I can’t find a recent post! Where is the best spot to watch the Cinematic Celebration? We’d love to see it, but also don’t want to have to stake out a spot hours in advance. We’ll be there from May 9-11. Thanks for any insider tips!

I don’t recall any discussion on it here, but will share this from the Informer:

"Cinematic Celebration’s viewing area in Central Park, which can hold up to 6,500 guests, consists of three different tiers and a grassy area that is located above and behind them, with standing room only available throughout. The best spot in the house is the third level – the one farthest away from the water – directly across from and slightly to the right of the Starbucks that’s on the other side of the lagoon. This vantage point, we’ve found, allows you to take more of the vista in, and it also prevents you from getting (as) wet from the water fountains’ various sprays.

(We’re also rather partial to the grassy area, but it doesn’t seem to be reliable – Universal can have this entire subsection cordoned off for VIP guests. Keep that in mind if you have your heart set on standing here.)

Make sure to arrive at least 30 to 45 minutes before showtime for a good “seat” of any kind."

Maybe @darkmite2 has something to add?

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Personally, I liked getting right up to the rail / front row. I didn’t experience any “splashing” or spraying during the show.

There are, basically, three screens. The middle and two sides. The sides each show the same thing. I found a spot more behind Central Park Crepes and that entry on the left side of the area.

This gave me a really good view of the center fountain screen and one of the side fountain screens.

I completely agree with getting there at least 40 minutes early!!! There is no seating. You’ll have to claim a standing area and guard it

Would you consider this a must do?

I really enjoyed seeing it once and recommend it. It’s not going to give you a bunch of nostalgia or emotions, but seeing the pretty lights and fireworks is fun!

I had another opportunity later in the trip. I was walking past right at the start of the show. I found an “ok” place to watch, but left only a couple minutes into the show. (I think if I’d had a better view or wasn’t as tired I might have stayed - idk)

Oddly, I think the WWOHP show is too brief and this one is too long! :man_shrugging: :crazy_face:


Maybe a “should do” if the opportunity is right. As mentioned it is pretty cool but nothing really memorable.