Cinderella's Wishing Well

I can’t understand why I’ve never seen Cinderella’s Wishing well. Someone, PLEASE tell me exactly where this thing is. Because it just became a must see for this trip!

(Have I just been blind to it for the last 30 years?)

It is behind the castle by Castle Couture.

That’s not what I remember it looking like so I googled it. Check it out here:

Oops. That’s my bad. I was thinking about Cinderella’s fountain, not the wishing well.

I am going to describe where it is in the only way it makes sense to me. If you walk from the front of the park towards the castle and then walk through the castle- as you exit take a right. There is a pathway that goes toward the Merida meet area. The fountain is on your right as you walk the pathway. It may be a smoking section (it has been in the past).


I don’t recall seeing either of them!! I will rectify that this trip! Castle Couture is where they give out free pixie dusting, right?


I have to put this on my list of must see’s. I have never seen it.

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