Cinderella's Slipper dessert

Are there any other restaurants where you can pre-order the chocolate slipper dessert outside of CRT? My DDs 4th birthday is on a non-park day, but was thinking maybe the GF Cafe just for dessert?

You would have to confirm it is still available as this article is from 2014, but it looks like restaurants at the Contemporary and Grand Floridian did offer it.

Thank you so much!

We have gotten it at Ohana for dinner, so that’s the Poly as well. So beautiful - and delicious.

Would you get that or the new Mickey cake? I am trying to decide on something special for my daughter.

I’m not familiar with the new Mickey cake, but the slipper is very feminine and beautiful - they wrote on the edge of the plate “Happy Birthday” for the young lady celebrating with us. She cried, actually, and this is not a typically crying girl. I’d say slipper all the way - Disney really knows how to make things special! <3

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