Cinderellas royal table or hoop de doo musical review... Can't decide where to splurge

Can’t decide which one … Which is better experience overall for 4… 13yo G, 9 yo B and hubby…

My 9 year old son loved HDD. I don’t think I have ever seen him laugh so hard!

If your daughter was younger, I’d say CRT all the way. At 13, does she see herself as “too big” for princesses? Is your son the kind of kid who will enjoy character interaction, or will he be too embarrassed to enjoy it if the princessess fuss over him?

If I were choosing, I’d go with HDDR. The corny humor is something everyone in the family can appreciate.

I gotta weigh in on this! I’m such a huge fan of Hoop dee doo. I can’t think of a way that that show isn’t enjoyable by all. There isn’t a bad seat in the house. Plus, the cool boat ride to Fort Wilderness is all part of the fun. Service was excellent too.
We’ve done CRT once, for DD’s 8th birthday. We were seated at arguably the best seat in the restaurant. At a window, with a perfect view of fireworks. But, if we had been seated in the bowels of the place, we wouldn’t have enjoyed it nearly as much. I looked around a few times and felt kind of badly for people who were sort of crammed together in the middle. But, it is in the castle and has been refurbished since we last were there. Maybe the set up is a bit better…
Hope that helps a little!