Cinderella's Royal Table- Missing One

Today was my 180 mark, I woke up at 5am to reserve, but i still wasn’t able to get CRT for my family of 5 during lunch on our MK day. However, I was able to find 4 seats.

My question is: my family is 3 adults, 2 kids (DD4, DS1). My son will still be using a highchair. Do you all think I can get away with have a reservation for 4, plus a high chair?

Any other tips for getting 1 child into the reservation?

You should be fine. The 1 year old doesn’t need a reservation because they will be free (They won’t be eating). Also, keep checking I wouldn’t be surprised if something opens up.

Search for party of 6. For some reason that changes availability. After you book it you can call and modify down to party of 5. You do still need to count your infant in reservations. It’s more about the occupancy numbers than who is eating. That being said they will likely not turn you away if you show up with 5 for a party of 4 ADR.

I tried 6, there was nothing :frowning:

Also put in times vs lunch. Sometimes that will open different availability. Don’t give up you still have plenty of time. You can put in reservation finder with touring plans too.

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Have you tried calling and explaining you forgot to put the baby in there and see if they can just modify it?

no, but i might just try that. thanks for the idea!

I called them, and they did not find room for 1 extra seat, but just added a note for a highchair. Thanks so much for the idea!! I feel so relieved. CRT was a big part of a surprise for my mom.

We did CRT for my twin daughters in November. It was amazing! You will have so much fun!

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