Cinderella's Royal Table Characters

Hello! Struggling to find whether Cinderella’s Royal Table is offering character interactions with just Cinderella or if other princesses join her as well. Anyone been recently or can confirm what the status is at this restuarant?

Hi @Gnatjo ! There is no guarantee what princesses will be there but they have returned.

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Many thanks!

Cinderella is downstairs with photopass photographer and 4 other princesses will be in the main dining room.

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Hi! We were just there for dinner at the beginning of January. Cinderella greets guests downstairs for photos and then we met four princesses during the meal. For us, it was Merida, Aurora, Ariel and Jasmine. My niece loved it, the wait staff was great & the food was excellent. I would highly recommend!

I’ve never seen Merida at CRT. Is she a newer addition to the rotation?

I’m honestly not sure! The last time I ate at CRT was about 20 years ago. I am going back on 3/1 for a brunch at CRT with some friends, so happy to report back who we see.

I was surprised too - everything I read online suggested Snow White and Tiana (two of my niece’s faves) would possibly be there - luckily my niece was too enthralled with the whole experience to care. We were very careful to not promise anyone beyond Cinderella when talking with her about the experience.

I haven’t seen Merida beyond parades since her original meet-and-greets circa 2012, so it was fun to meet her again.


Merida got bumped from her M&G spot for Mirabel. Maybe this is a way to have a place for her now.


That was exactly my thought!


We went for lunch yesterday, and the four upstairs were Ariel, Aurora, Jasmine, and Snow White.


Reporting back based on my experience on 3/1 - the four princesses were the same for us at breakfast as it was for dinner in January.

Cinderella is downstairs with Merida, Jasmine, Aurora, and Ariel upstairs. This time we received a signed postcard for the experience and all four princesses had their signatures printed on the back of the card – so I think this may be the 2024 lineup.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: We had a great time at the brunch - the quiche, french toast, and avocado toast (swapped with standard rather than plant-based eggs) were all fantastic.