Cinderella’s Royal Table

My best friend and I are doing the Wine and Dine half marathon together and the only request she’s made for the whole trip is to eat in Cinderella’s Castle. The one and only time she’s been to Disney was with her high school marching band and all of her friends ate there but she couldn’t join them because of the expense and she badly wants a do over.

We’ll be wanting to do this Friday night, the second day of our reservation. 60+1 is going to be impossible, right? Is my best bet going to be to make a leading reservation starting 10 days earlier that ends on that Friday night?

That should definitely work. If you want a particular time, start trying to make your reservation when they open on that day which should be 7 AM Florida time.

CRT is not as hard to get as it once was. You should be good.

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