Cinderella Castle Renovations

Just saw the news that Cinderella Castle is being renovated. Very concerned about what kind of photo ops will be available during our trip in the first week of April.

Anyone have experience on how these are handled? Hoping my family can still get a pretty good iconic family photo in front of the castle… without too much scaffolding, etc.

I’ve seen many people ask this question to Walt Disney World Guest Service on Twitter, since the announcement, and all the responses are “Hi there, “NAME”. Please feel free to send us a private message”

This translates into: “We are not ready and/or going to discuss this publicly as we know this will be a PR issue for a year. Feel free to send us a DM so we can give you a generic response / talking points in hopes you’ll still book a trip.” :sunglasses:


exactly, they definitely are not making any promises!

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Magic Kingdom VP Jason Kirk has officially stated on Disney Parks Blog that the castle will be uncovered during the work. Also, on DisneyFoodBlog, AJ Wolfe got a quote from him saying the work is going to start in a few weeks from now & should be complete by the end of summer.


Good info! Thanks very much!

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