Cinderella Castle and Be Our Guest

First trip post covid. Is Beast at all three meals at BOG? What princesses are at the castle for each meal? Thank you.


When I went in May/June there was no breakfast at the time but Beast was at lunch (and he’s always been at dinner).

Last time we did CRT was Jan 2020 but it was Ariel, Jasmine, Cinderella (downstairs), Snow White and Aurora I believe. I think this can change though. I haven’t done this post-covid.

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I think that currently only Cinderella waves from a distance at CRT. I’m not sure when character meals will be back to normal.

Pre covid Beast was only at dinner

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We went to both in early June. Both character sitings were from a distance. Just Beast at BOG and Cinderella at CRT. I preferred the food and atmosphere at CRT. The scallops were amazing! The steak at BOG not so much. I also liked the CRT is smaller and felt more personal than the huge atmosphere at BOG. I would definitely go back to CRT if all the princesses returned but wouldn’t return to BOG.

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I’m the opposite - love BOG and am meh about CRT. I have my first covid BOG experience on Tuesday and will report back. I ate at CRT today. I had the charcuterie which was not great, the steak (which was good) and the cheesecake which was delicious and beautiful.


I’m the same. Yes, BoG is larger and less intimate but the Beast is so much cooler than Cinderella. Plus, Cindy is on the princess cavalcade and you can’t currently see the Beast anywhere else. Food at BoG also edged out CRT in my opinion. We went to both in May this year.


BOG now has a set price?

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We did both in May. Food and service at CRT were outstanding. Cinderella came out 4 or 5 times for a few minutes each time. Food and service were good at BOG. The Beast walked through 3 times, at the most. My DGD5 did think that the Beast was a very handsome guy.
For characters, our best experience was at H&V. Good food, good service, lots of time with the characters on view.

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Yes, it’s a set price since reopening July 2020. Both lunch and dinner are the same price, the same menu. No a la carte. No breakfast. Beast is at both, but socially distanced only.

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Thank you all for your help. I am an over the top planner and am feeling completely lost in this new world.


Does dinner at BOG have a hostess to seat you, or is it still The Hunger Games style of find your own table? It’s the worst if you have to find your own - - at least in my (breakfast) experiences …

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When I went there pre covid there was a hostess

Yep. There’s a hostess for lunch and dinner! (Just went in May)

That was just for the QS meals.

We did BOG last night. They are using the music box room for dinner now. The restaurant felt more crowded than my last visit memory.

That said, the food was amazing. I had the French onion soup, filet mignon, and dessert.

The food was significantly better at BOG. The size of the space and Cinderella interactions were better at CRT.

My daughter and I agreed we would probably not do CRT again but would go to BOG again.


Haha good analogy— loved the QS lunch- hated finding a table.

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