Cinderella @ 1900 Park Fare, Teppan Edo, or something else?

On a day when gs5 and I are spending the first half of the day at Epcot then going to MK for EMH, I have an ADR for Cinderella, but wondering if it would be a better use of time and as much fun to go to Teppan Edo. He’s princess obsessed, but we’re doing Akershus the night before, plus we have 4 other character meals scheduled, as well as both a bkfst and lunch at BOG during our 5 night trip (I got the dining plan). He’s not the type to sit quietly through a meal, which is one reason I’m looking to do entertaining meals. Thoughts and suggestions welcome!

Honestly I have not been to Cinderella . I have been to Teppan Edo many times though. Teppan Edo is fun for adults but I don’t know if children would have an interest. In Japanese style they chop and cook the meal in front of you. The chief makes a volcano out of stacked onions with steam shooting out the top. Does some utensil joggling and things like that. You eat at a big grill with maybe four other couples. I believe you have basically three meat choices. Chicken, Shrimp, and Steak, or a combination of them. You also get rice and chopped up vegetables which he cooks before you. I have seen families that thought it was great fun but your kids may not especially if they don’t care for that type of menu.

I think kids love the entertainment at teppan edo

Our did. They were aged 9 and 12 at the time

Still remember the volcano to this day

My then DS3 DS6 DS8 all LOVED Teppen Edo. Each has asked to go back on the our upcoming trip. Your trip sounds like fun!!

I do not feel that Teppan Edo is worth going to if you have a teppan-style restaurant at home. There is nothing unique or different about it, and its prices are higher and quality is lower than what you would get at home.

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Thanks for the input everyone! Someone else suggested Biergarten to me, which gets good reviews for the food and entertainment. I think we’d both enjoy that a lot, so I got an ADR for that. I’ll have to do the Cinderella dinner another trip – we have limited time at Epcot and I don’t want to waste it in transit. But this whole discussion has inspired me to bring him and my DDs to a teppan-style dinner locally one night soon!

Biergarten is a good choice. It was DS11’s favourite.

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