Churros and where to find them

Given my DS’ penchants for churros, it occurs to me that I should have a list of all the places where they can be purchased for easy reference when we are visiting WDW. Can you please fill me in?

This may help!✓&search=Churros&location=&category=


I can’t believe I’ve never used this feature on the website before. I really have to give this a try for future trips.

I’m glad you commented, because it made me revisit my search and realize that searching “churros” (plural) eliminated a ton of places that serve them. Better to use the singular and catch the places with menu items “churro.”

Hey @tjkjbarton, here’s a better list✓&search=churro&location=&category=


Thank you! Trying it out for pretzels tonight :smiley:

Awesome! Thank you.