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I probably won’t do a full trip report, but wanted to post a few snippets. This is our 2nd night at the Poly and it has been a dream. On arrival day we went to MK for about an hour before we needed to head back to dine with our other cousins.

The other 2 adults wanted to head back to the park and I wanted to be at the Poly, so I kept the kids. I guarantee they had more fun playing games, dancing, and being on the beach than they would have back at the MK.


Oh I didn’t mean to withdraw! Can that be undone? Ok I could still see, so copied and pasted!
Today we attempted early entry to MK but didn’t quite make it. Still, we did Buzz, Peoplemover, Winnie, Under the Sea, and tea cups before snacking at Friars Nook. Those gravy tots were very good but had too little gravy to potato ratio. Then Dumbo, IASW, and paid 7 dwarfs. Back to tomorrowland for Monsters Inc and a great big beautiful tomorrow. Decided to head over to adventureland bc I’ve been looking forward to a cheeseburger eggroll, but I noped on out of that line. Got a pic on the way out and napped in room 3-5. We headed out about an hour later than I intended to break, but knew we would probably skip out on the evening.



Tonight!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: we had lunch from Captain Cooks- it was ok. Dinner from the Oasis pool bar was much better. I just had a kids cheeseburger because I wanted the wonton chips too (fabulous) but the other 2 had fish tacos and a turkey avocado wrap and agreed it was better. Kids swam at Oasis then we all moved over to the beach for fireworks…then I got in the Lava pool and hot tub sans kids. I entered the pool via the slide then jumped through the waterfall! Caught the water pageant from the hot tub. Great night. Tomorrow after Epcot we move to a house with more family.


This sounds like a really great day!

Sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

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Tuesday we did Epcot. We had the rest of the party come to the poly and park in DVC to help load up our luggage since my sister had flown down, so we had our stuff + her and her stuff to get to the house. Walked to TTC. We rope dropped spaceship earth (I actually planned this) then we went off plan to test track bc lines said it was expected 18, but I think it was closer to the posted 45. Off to the countries where half the group did paid frozen. I was waiting for them to ride with my family and we explored Norway and took some photos. It seemed to take a long time to be ILL. The grandparents (I keep trying to call them the adults. I’m 43) were getting tired so we took the boar from Morocco to Canada and headed to LWTL before our Garden Grill dinner. I was disappointed to miss breakfast there, but the food was really good- still prefer the former though. Soarin was the last ride and we headed out about 7:30. I’d gotten a boarding group for Remy at 1:09 (I forgot both times until a few minutes after) but we left before it was called.

My aunt (posted earlier about her recent surgery) refused a wheelchair or scooter and rode all 3 boat rides. Then walked to the beach for fireworks back at Poly. She insisted she was fine all day yesterday and this morning. Today is a rest day, but I told my mom to convince her to get one tomorrow at AK by saying they can take turns on it. I hope it works.
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Today is a rest day for most of us. My sister and my boyfriend went to go do Harry Potter. My cousin and I took a quick trip to Disney Springs and stopped at Homecoming. Had some eggs and a great cocktail. Odd combination but both were good. I got my first pair of ears.

Edit: it’s raining and photos don’t want to load🙄


Wow, Epcot is getting creative with local transportation offerings.


P.S. I love your Poly stories and pics! I already miss that resort! :heart:


It wasn’t a wild boar. It was tamed.


I already miss it too!


Man, it’s hard (for me) to do this from my phone! Back home now. After our rest day on Wednesday we went to AK on Thursday, HS on Friday, and MK on Saturday. My aunt never did get a scooter. She rode many rides, but no coasters. She said she felt fine the whole time.
Friday was so busy at HS. Rise ILL was already sold out at park open. My cousin decided (at around 10) to buy us all lightning lane. I definitely don’t recommend that! Slinky was already sold out for the day by then. We only used it for TSM (12:35, 1st pick), Star Tours (which only had a 15 min standby anyway-5ish, 3rd pick) and TOT (7ish, 2nd pick) so our day was:
RD RNR- about 20 min (kids go to racing academy with non rider)
At this point we split up- cousin wanted to wait for SDD, it kept fluctuating between 80-100 min, I did not
I did ASS again, then Woody’s lunchbox, explored SWGE without riding anything, did lots of photopass here. Kid was passed out, ST
then met back up at MMRR for 6:00 ILL
walked grandparents and kids to exit
Hightailed it to SDD- down
Back to slinky dog to get in line before closing

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Thanks for taking time to share with us. :heart:

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