Chronic pain and rides at Universal

Due to various health issues, rattly rides and sudden sideways movements cause me a lot of pain. I don’t have a medical indication that I should avoid rides, just a preference for not hurting. I know this is all subjective, but I’d like some advice about which rides in Universal are nice and smooth and which ones are going to rattle my aching bones enough to ruin my day.

For specific reference, Space Mountain made me miserable, and Big Thunder Mountain was a breeze. Expedition Everest was closer to my limit. I strategically skipped Barnstormer and Dinosaur, so I can’t comment on whether they would have been worth it.

In general, classic wooden roller coasters are out. Slow kiddie coasters with flat, jerky turns are far worse than fast coasters with properly banked turns. Sudden forward/backward acceleration is okay.

I know I’ll have to skip a few of the headliners if I want to get out of bed the next day. Pretty sure RRR is on that list, but what else?

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Hulk has gotten rattly like RRR, those two are the roughest in the parks.

The Mummy may be borderline for you. Although, the latest refurb did make the braking system smoother. Gringotts is not as intense as the Mummy so should be ok.

I can’t remember how jerky the kiddie coaster Hippogriff is, but that may be a no-go.

Hagrid’s should be doable for you. Velocicoaster is very smooth but yet very extreme.

If you are not prone to motion sickness, you should be good with the simulator rides, which are many.

Thanks! I haven’t done a lot of simulator rides, ever, so I’m a bit nervous about that aspect. I did fine on Mission:Space Green, but I was done being in that tiny box and didn’t bother trying the orange side.

The only rides I normally skip due to nausea are teacup-style rides. Circles-in-circles are just too many circles.

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Avoid RRR like the plague. It’s the roughest. And Transfomers and Spidey are also pretty jerky.

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DH has back pain and another one I’ve been encouraging him to avoid us The Simpsons.


I’ve ridden it multiple time since the reopening. Those two brakes after the first “big” room are still brutal! I’m not delicate and I “go limp” right before they happen. Otherwise, it’s really a neck / back breaker!

Agreed! You’ll have to decide about VC. It’s the smoothest “extreme” coaster I’ve ridden, but it’s still an extreme thrill

Yep! Add Hulk to this list and I think we’ve covered it!

For a simulator ride it’s probably the smoothest of all those Universal offer - IMHO. I’d be more concerned with nausea on The Simpsons! (I do love it though!)


Yeah, unless you’re really tall and in the backrow as hubby hits his head (he’s 6’5"). Ask for front row if so.

Good to know - DH is 6’4"! He hits his head every time getting into the clam shell at Nemo and Friends at Disney!

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Aren’t you really short like me too? 5’4" for me (well 5’3.75" but I round up whereas the rest of my family all taller than me rounds down but none of them have math degrees!)

Ahh! I’m 5’ 2"… Not an issue!! :crazy_face: :rofl:

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Yup…I’m 5’.


Deja vu. We’ve def had this convo before as I recognize that photo! :slight_smile: Did yours buy you a stepstool and does he use you as an arm rest like mine does?

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I tell him the only reason I keep him around is to reach the top shelf :rofl:


Things that set me off- and have learned the hard way that it will end my day…

  1. Simpsons - omg it’s the worst for me
  2. Ripsaw falls- not the drop but the way climb it’s so bumpy
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Thank you all for your input!

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