Christmas Week Visit!

We are just over a week away until we leave for our four days at Disneyland!

My 13yo ds and I will be in the parks on the 26th, 27th, & 28th on our own and then dd’s honor band will be there on the 29th (and performing in the 4:30pm DL parade!).

The 26th has a CL of 9 and the other three days are a 10. My expectations are low. We will be there early (upside to coming from the east coast), use MaxPass and DAS (ds is on the spectrum), and have lunch packages for Fantasmic and one day of the parade (not the day my daughter is performing though…we didn’t know when that would be until a few days ago). DS doesn’t ride anything too strenuous so I won’t need to worry about Space Mountain, Matterhorn, BTMRR, GoTG, or the Incredicoaster (I will try and hit some of those on the 29th w/ dd & dh).

The only day we need to stay until fireworks is our first…the rest of the week we can bail once we get too tired because of jet lag.

I’ve been going through the menus and flagging possible places to grab food (ds has a limited number of things he will eat), so we should be good to go on the 26th.

I’m so excited! Need to pack both my Mickey and Minnie Santa Hats!


I’m glad you now have a few details about the band day! I remember you waiting on those details!!

You have done some fabulous plans & research & I hope you guys have the most magical time! It’s always been fun to see the school bands that come down before the parade & it must be even more exciting to know your own kid will be among them!!

I hope you get to hit all of them with DD & DH because those are among our favorites when we go!


I might be more excited than anyone else in the family…but that’s okay. :slight_smile:

We did our first family trip to DLR 1.5yrs ago where we hit almost everything so we have a bunch of favorites that are must dos, but are okay skipping some things. I’m really excited about the holiday overlays and special events as well as finally seeing Fantasmic! (It was closed during our last visit).

I think my must do list for the 29th includes Space Mountain, GoTG and the Incredicoaster…all my other favorites I will be able to see the previous three days.


I am ALWAYS the one who is the most excited in my family!