Christmas Week AM EMH Bus or Rental Car?

Just booked for Dec 23 - 27 at POFQ for DD10 and myself. It’s our first visit during December. Last two trips were Easter week and Thanksgiving week, and we used a rental car exclusively.

This trip DD is begging me to use WDW busses only. I’m considering it to save money, but I really liked having a rental car!

Our travel style is to hit the 7am EMH RD every morning. We tour until 11, head out to rest and then return in the evening if we feel like it.

I am concerned about the busses getting us to the park entry to make 7am RD. Will they be running that early? What time do we need to be at the bus stop? Or should I just rent a car?

We stayed at POR Christmas week 2012 and we made 7am RDs every day that week using Disney busses exclusively. We just made sure we were at the stop at 6am every day. It was so worth getting up early. We got so much done each day by the time it started to feel busy around 11am.
And during that busy time they sometimes have separate busses for POR and POFQ but you can take whichever bus comes first when leaving the park as it is a short, nice walk.

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I am much happier with the buses since I have given myself permission to use a cab if needed. Each of our last two trips, we have used a cab 2-3 times usually when we were running late for something. We spent in the neighborhood of $50 on it. The rental car would have been way more, plus gas and tolls, so we still saved a lot of money but had some added convenience. Plus, you don’t have to worry about parking with the cab - and at Epcot especially, you get dropped off really close. For MK, take it to the Contemporary and walk rather than to the TTC to save some time.


This makes me feel so much better. Thank you VanellopeVonDoom and iheartepcot. I am very relieved to know that the busses will in fact be running that early. 6am is when we would usually leave our room for the rental car, so we can definitely make the bus. DD is an early riser, and I am not but I will have excitement and caffeine to get me started.

Love the cab idea as well. Might be utilizing that one too! Thinking the cab looks pretty good when the bus lines are long and we are exhausted, or if we are running late.

Thanks liners!