Christmas Trip Epcot Day 12/21


Disney experts help me please! This is our Epcot day CL right now is a 7. I have listed our “would like to do” and after that the plan is to walk around the world and soak it in and maybe even go back to the hotel for a break or swim in the pool until our dinner reservations and fireworks cruise.

My questions are-

  1. Is an hour before park open early enough to arrive for rope drop?
  2. Frozen ever after- realistically will I be able to obtain a FP? Is this the time I should try for on my TP?
  3. Tell me how I can make my plan better!

I have looked at your plans, and I understand the need to have them made before FPP day. I had done that as well. And now I have different plans. You should be able to get FEA FPP for near that time. It just depends. TT and FEA race for most popular. Some days it is pretty close and some days FEA runs out of morning FPP way faster. However Epcot has most things available for people to still get plenty of FPP at the 30 day mark and beyond. You do need to adjust the time for your first FPP though. It should be 9:30 then it will work with the others.

I have questions though. Are you staying at a Disney resort? If so is this- your first day at the parks- your first day onsite or your second?

Thanks for the info and Yes we are staying onsite- We arrive in FL on the 20th (staying off site) and the 21st will be our first night onsite- I was told that our magic bands will work our first day even if we have not gone to our hotel- I will do online check in- Is this correct??

Yes. You will still be able to get in the parks and use your MagicBands.

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I say that, and I know it should be true, but technical issues do happen. If there is a problem there will be people there who can fix it.

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