Christmas tree wilderness lodge

We will be at wilderness lodge nov 14 -19 2020. Does anyone know in past years what date they put up the christmas tree in the lobby? I have considered moving my date to first week in december just to see it but am really hoping that it might be up when I am there in november. I thought if I new the previous years dates it would give me an indicator. I am thinking my november dates may be a little less crowded than first week in december so I don’t reallly want to switch but everyone raves about the lobby at christmas so I am conflicted. Any help is appreciated!

Christmas trees at the resorts should all be done by Thanksgiving. But there is a lottery for the order that the resorts get done in each year, so previous year’s dates won’t help much.

The nearer you get to Thanksgiving, the better the chances.

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I’ll be there starting Nov 9 (we’ll overlap for 2 days!) and I’m hoping that WL got the long end of the stick and that the tree is up… but I’m not holding my breath. I’d love to see the place all decked out for Christmas.

We were there the week before Thanksgiving. The ALK tree went up halfway through our stay; WL and GF were not up yet. But as others have said, there doesn’t seem to be a specific order in which the deluxe trees go up.

I’ll save you the trouble of the trip. Here it is:


I thought it would be bigger

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I get that a lot.


You should take pictures of bigger trees then

Like this?


If want to see the resorts decorated, move to the December dates. I have been twice in November and as late as the 15th. Resorts weren’t decorated.