Christmas Party Question - Tuesday after Thanksgiving

Anyone have any experience with MVMCP the week after Thanksgiving? My husband and I will be there for the Tuesday party and I’m debating the dessert party so we have good viewing for fireworks. He will be in an ECV because of a broken ankle and I want to make things as easy as possible. Any opinions or experience?

I would love to know as well. I will be at the same party!:christmas_tree:

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I’m planning to attend that party as well but cannot find any availability for the dessert party; good luck!

How many spots do you need? The Plaza Garden viewing is still available, but I was only looking for 2. I think there is another one that’s a little more $$. I haven’t checked that one.

that’s odd, I was only looking for 2, will have to check again! Maybe folks have cancelled as it gets closer… thanks for the tip!

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