Christmas Party and Magic Kingdom ticket on same day?

We’re supposed to be on our trip right now so i’m distracting myself by thinking about our rebooked trip. I’ve tried searching the board for this but can’t find what i’m looking for.

We’ve rebooked for November 17th-21st - 4 nights at CSR, 2 park days (Epcot and MK) - traveling with a 4-year-old and variety of other adult ages from 21-85.

Shorter trip as our “in-between” longer trips that we’re trying to space out.

I’m looking on the bright side of having to change our trip days which is now we get to go during the Christmas festivities.

So here’s my question - If I want to add MVMCP and we’re only doing 2 park days which of these options would you choose?

1 - MK regular day and MVMCP all in one day. Start at MK around 8a, go back for midday nap for kiddo and grandparents, and back around 5pm - stay through party. Is this crazy? I know it’s aggressive but is it a bad use of our regular ticket?

2 - One of our days was going to be a no-park day and we were planning on Cape May Breakfast in the AM + pool day + Disney Springs for dinner/shopping … I can nix Disney Springs and add MVMCP here IF the schedule lines up once dates are released.

What do you all think? What are the arguments against doing MK+MVMCP in the same day if we only have 2 park days.

Thank you!

I like option 2


Option 2


I would do Option 2 if the dates line up. I have gone to MK with a 4 year old before and done the same-day agenda. While we had a blast, it was definitely tiring. When we came back to the hotel to do a mid-day nap, it took an hour to get her down because she was so excited about all we had done in the morning. By the time she fell asleep, she only got about 45 minutes before it was time to get her up and go back out again. (Yay, Disney transportation!) She still had fun that night, but she was very fussy and it took away some of the “magic” of the event. My DD is a few years older now and I think the same-day agenda would work now, but never again if I have a child younger than 6.

Thank you! That’s super helpful feedback. We did midday naps on our trip last year and you’re right, the break time tends to go by quickly when relying on Disney transportation (which we will be). My daughter and grandparents will not make it late without the break so that’s definitely worth keeping in mind. With the shorter trip, part of me wants to be aggressive to get it all in but I also don’t want everyone to end up cranky and miserable.

I would definitely go with option 2 to get the most out of your tickets. The party ticket alone is good from 4 pm to 12 am, so there is a full day worth there. Looks like official dates are not out yet, but are predicted to be 11/17, 19 and 20. Myself, I would try to do the party on arrival day if you are arriving early enough, sleep in/resort/DS the next day then do the two park days. Unless you wanted to do MK on a non-party day. Then I would do MK on the 18th, Epcot the 19th and the party on the 20th.

Arrival day would be ideal but we don’t land until 5:20pm, so I don’t think that gives us enough time.

I like your option of doing it on the last day, that way we don’t have to stress being up early the next day for a park.


When we went with the all cousins ages 4-9 we did the regular park ticket and the party ticket on the same day because our trip was so short. We had fun but left the party before the fireworks because the kids were all tired (my DD and I caught the fireworks from the beach at the Polynesian). We had a great day and even took a midday break but it was too long for the kids. If I got the chance to do it again I would do different days unless with people who had done MK before then I might just do the MVMCP on a rest day. I really hope to go again some day at Christmas time again!!!


I like most agree with Option 2. However, IME, the CLs on MVMCP dates are so low because ppl don’t feel like they’re getting their moneys worth when MK closes at 6pm.

I went to MK last December on a MVMCP night and loved it! (I actually went to EMM that morning too! It was a great, but long day.) I could have left in the middle of the day and still done most everything with minimum wait.

Who know’s what 2020 will be like though…