Christmas/New Years Week - How realistic are my plans?

Hi everyone! My family and I (including a 6yr old and a 3yr old) are at MK on 12/27 and 12/28. Obviously these will be extremely busy days (tho somehow MK only has a CL 9 on 12/27 right now). The wait times the software is providing seem way too short (based on historical data), so I’m not strictly using the optimizer function, I originally used it a bit but now I’m mainly using the evaluate function as it allows me to more easily build in buffer time in case wait times are wrong, but I’m still expecting to have to throw out some attractions on the fly, and I feel mostly prepared for that.

If any of you experts can take a look at my plans and point out any obvious issues, that would be wonderful.

Note that we are staying offsite but unfortunately we can’t avoid EMH days because all we want to do is MK and the whole week is EMH. Also, currently midday on 12/27, we are considering going to a MK area resort to check out their decorations (and maybe find a quieter place for the kids to nap in their stroller). But the kids nap pretty well in the nice stroller we have no matter where they are, so if it seems like MK might close to entry, we could shift to staying in the park (tho we have afternoon/evening ADR’s so I think it should take the rare phase 4 closure to keep us out).


These plans look fine to me. It doesn’t seem like you’re trying to overfit stuff in and the FastPasses and attractioms you’re planning on are all doable - i.e. you’re not trying to wait standby for Mine Train, for example. Early hours (8-10 or so) shouldn’t be bad… After that it will get very busy, but your plan seems to account for that.

Most of all just have fun, and remember, plans are guidemaps, not rigid schedules.

One suggestion - I see you have some later in the day FastPasses. For example Pirates - once you tap into your Jungle Cruise Fastpass, I would try to move the Pirates FP up in the day using the refresh trick. May take a little patience but should be doable. Then once you tap into your pirates FP, you can try to get a 4th FP for later in the day, then a 5th, and so on… Not guaranteed by any means, but I’ve done this successfully many times.

I’m wondering how well the refresh trick will work during Christmas.

If they are taking that long break early afternoon, I’d be pretty confident in using up all fastpasses BEFORE the break, and being able to find plenty of options during their break for when they return.

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I haven’t used the refresh trick myself during Christmas week, but know someone who has - it’s still very doable, but a little harder than normal.

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Have you considered flipping Dumbo and Mad Tea Party of Day 2? I suspect that moving Dumbo earlier would cut down on your total waiting in line time for the 2 rides.

Also, your mornings are packed. When we were in WDW last month with my 3 y.o and 1 y/o, we got a lot less done than expected due to time spent on (a) potty trips, (b) snacks, © getting in and out of strollers. I realize your kids are a little older, but you still may have some slowdowns.

While you may remember (or think about) what you missed, the kids will remember what they got to do (and won’t think about what they missed)!