Christmas/New Years Park Availability

Just a heads up for those debating on visiting WDW around Christmas/New Years.

As of today, Hollywood Studios is fully reserved on Tuesday December 29th for resort guests and ticket only guests.

eta image:


Also, Monday the 28th now full at HS

And now we have the 21st booked.

I guess theme park ticket guests and Disney resort guests are in the same pool. Maybe this is old news. I guess it’s first come first served. Another dis-incentive to staying on property. (I would think they should cut off ticket guests before resort guests)

Ticket holders and Resort guests are two separate pools, with AP orders in a third pool. As far as I’m aware that hasn’t changed.

That’s what I thought too but not the case for December as HS was showing full at exactly the same time on these three separate dates. Or, when the first pool fills up, they may cut the other off temporarily?

Not necessarily. There has to be a lot of overlap between the ticket holder category and the resort guest category, right? So if those groups/days were already approaching capacity and a number of groups booked on-site reservations with tickets they could conceivably fill up the resort guest category, then slide into filling up the ticket holder category. If I’m thinking of that right.

This would make sense. Maybe there is no pre-determined allotment for the two categories and Disney only sets the limits according to demand in each category.

Again, if there were predetermined park reservation number limits, the two categories would be highly unlikely to fill up at the same exact time. Which is what has happened.

And now the 30th just happened to fill up at the same time for both ticket only and resort guests.