Christmas Must-Sees

My family and I are leaving Friday for our first ever Christmas trip! We have been many other times so we won’t be concerned with trying to fit everything into our trip. I have planned for or made fast passes for all of the normal things that we want to do. We have five day park hoppers and will be going to all four parks. We have tickets to MVMCP on Sunday and are doing the candlelight processional dinner reservations on Tuesday evening but what other “out of the park” things do we need to plan for? Friday evening we will be eating at O’hana and plan to ride around and see the decorations at the other monorail resorts. What else do you love at Christmas time?

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Resorts worth seeing include BC, YC, WL and AKL. You could get a boat from Contemporary to WL, do BC & YC as a wee break from Epcot (via the IG).

Sleigh rides at FW are fun, or for a cheaper version the wagons. You can’t pre-book the wagon rides and I’m not sure how often they run. The sleigh rides though can be booked 180 days ahead, so may be booked up.


The board walk area resorts are my favorite! I especially love the train in the lobby of the YC.

The WL decorations are a must-see, IMO.

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Thank you all so much! I’m excited because I used the reservation finder and got O’hana and BOG today! I have to tell all of you because no one else understands how awesome this really is!! :joy::joy:


Congrats! That is great!

I have a question. When we went last year, we stayed at AoA, and had a dinner at Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. At both when we tried to drive in, there was a security guard who verified that we should be there. How do we get in if we don’t have a reservation? I would like to look around some of the other resorts, but if we don’t have a dinner reservation or a reservation to stay there, will they let us in?

Good question!

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There will be a sign up saying you cannot enter or park without a reservation but sometimes they will let you in.

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The lobby of The Grand Floridian is gorgeous. Life size gingerbread house, large tree and beautiful garlands throughout.

The Tree trail at Disney Springs is really good! I loved the decorations at the previously mentioned resorts. The way around the “you can’t park here” is to ride the bus to a park. Get on the bus for the resort you want to go to and then go in reverse to get back to your resort. For the monorail resorts, you can ride to MK and hop on the monorail. You can take a boat to WL from MK.

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Sorry, missed this! I think officially they would prefer you to use Disney transport. The monorail resorts and WL can be done very easily, and if you’re at Epcot you could easily visit BC & YC (plus swan & dolphin and BW too if you want). AKL could be done from AK easily enough.

I guess if you’re driving, you’ll need to be prepared for them to say no, especially if it’s during the run up to Christmas or between Christmas and NY.

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Just got back from Disney last week. Some of our favorites were the Voices of Liberty Christmas Carolers at American Pavilion in EPCOT, there is also a gingerbread replica of the US Capitol in the rotunda. Giant gingerbread house (with a store inside) at Grand Floridian, Gingerbread Merry-go round at Beach Club Resort. Have fun!

Also, The Candlelight Processional was a great show. I did not bother trying to get it. I got there about 20 minutes before and just stood outside the theater right behind the seats. Could hear and see everything just fine.