Christmas in the Kingdom

One of the reasons we decided to do our Anniversary trip in December (despite the fact our anniversary isn’t ACTUALLY in December) was to be able to experience seeing all the Christmas lights/decor.

So, I have a question: In the Magic Kingdom, how far and wide are the Christmas lights? Strewn throughout? Or are the lights focused mainly on certain areas (Main Street? Liberty Square? etc.)

Reason I’m asking is because right our, the plan I made has us going to MK on two days, both during the day (leaving before the MVMCP, which we aren’t doing). We will also be going in one evening (as of right now) to attend the Dessert Party and see the fireworks. However, I’m wondering if we arrive early enough at MK as it is turning dark (fairly early in December) would there be enough time to casually see the lights throughout the park before the dessert party?

If not, I may need to move a MK day.

We also plan to check out the decor in various resorts, etc., on other days.


They are everywhere. It’s very festive. They do it over the course of one night. I’ve seen a time lapsed delay of the activity and it is amazing. I may be misremembering, but I am pretty sure it is all over, not just on Main Street.

They will do up some rides to make them Christmas rides. Instead of the Jungle Cruise, they have the “Jingle Cruise” and the skipper has several Christmas jokes. Actually I used one at Monsters Inc, when they ask for texts. I put my daughters name to it. It was “What did Santa pay for his sleigh? Nothing. It was on the house.” Yes, very cheesy.

Okay. Thanks.

I just want to make sure we plan enough time to see the park full of lights. The only rides we might do would be the Jingle Cruise and others that they add some Christmas theming, otherwise we would do rides as part of our other visit times.